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Granular Access Control for Your Business Credentials

Manage passwords more securely with granular access control

Granular Access Control
Granular Access Control 1

Implement a granular password policy and adhere to password management best practices

Passwords are the keys to your customers’ networks and must be treated as such. Poor password management exposes customers to hackers, putting their data in jeopardy and their reputations on the line. To protect your customers from these impending threats, robust password management is a must.

SolarWinds® Passportal™ helps MSPs remain compliant with password management best practices. Leverage the platform to automatically generate complex passwords, define a frequency for automatic password expiration, measure and enforce password policies, and beyond. Once these practices are in motion, reports displaying password complexity and updates can be automatically generated to demonstrate value to clients and auditors alike. 

Define role-based permissions with granular access control software

Your customers trust you with their most sensitive data. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) overseeing a fleet of technicians, it’s your responsibility to determine who has access to this data and what type of access they have. These precautionary measures help ensure you’re safeguarding your customers’ most critical assets while streamlining technician roles and responsibilities for increased efficiency. 

SolarWinds Passportal allows MSPs to develop a comprehensive identity and access management framework outlining role-specific permissions. Depending on your framework and the size of your team, you may choose to provide all technicians with baseline access to all customer accounts or assign customers to individual technicians. 

Once you’ve defined access allowance, leverage Passportal permission levels to determine the level of granular access control  each technician has within their accounts. This helps further enhance the security of your operations while improving process optimization.

Granular Access Control 2
Granular Access Control 3

Apply role-based permissions to documentation for further control and security

As an MSP, you rely on a complex array of software and devices to ensure you’re delivering the services your customers depend on. However, managing individual licensing components, customer passwords, software configuration information, network metrics, user manuals, and beyond is no easy task. This is where document management software comes into play. 

MSPs can turn to SolarWinds Passportal + Document Manager, a comprehensive password manager for employees, to better manage every step of the documentation process. Housing all this information via one, easy-to-access platform helps new technicians and seasoned employees alike keep track of all business-critical resources. You can assign per-document permissions and decide which technician has access to what, to further enhance control and security of your customers’ data.

Extend granular access control and multi-user password management services to your customers

Granular access control and multi-user password management is critical for MSPs looking to elevate their cybersecurity and increase their efficiency. It’s also important for their customers. 

That’s why SolarWinds Passportal empowers MSPs to resell the platform to any of their interested customers, providing them with the same level of services these MSPs have come to rely on. That means your customers will receive military-grade encryption, centralized password management, granular access control, and more—right at their fingertips. 

Passportal even allows MSPs to brand the platform and create their own custom service URL. This level of customization paired with such sophisticated services helps MSPs set themselves apart from the pack by increasing the value they bring to their customers.

Granular Access Control 4

Leverage granular access control for comprehensive password management

SolarWinds® Passportal™

  • Implement permission levels to identify access control
  • Generate complex, sophisticated passwords
  • Share detailed reports for customers and compliance auditors alike