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Four Key Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication for MSPs

Aaron Melear has helped vendors work effectively with the MSP community since 2011 and currently leads MSP Partnerships at Duo. Ask him about Bitcoin, he believes it's the real deal.

Duo Security helps defend organizations against data breaches by making security easy and effective. Duo solutions enable organizations to provide trusted access to all of their critical applications, for any user, from anywhere, and with any device. Visit to find out more.

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The Number One Topic Discussed at ChannelCon 2018 was... (and no, it wasn't us)

Passportal concluded its second largest conference of the summer and it proved to be very educational. The team traveled all the way to Washington, DC for the 2018 edition of the CompTIA ChannelCon hosted in the Marriott Wardman Park,  July 31st – August 2nd.

After attending numerous keynote speeches, participating in the Vendor Fair, and having many insightful conversations with ITSPs and other vendors alike, the Passportal crew discovered one common theme that was discussed amongst the Channel, and it's still a very important one.

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Quality Assurance in an Agile Environment

As a quality assurance (QA) team, we at Passportal take the required amount of time to test new builds and features in as many ways as possible. Testing this way ensures the quality and functionality of each item released, and quality comes from better understanding of our product. Partner interaction is extremely important to us and we believe it should be the foundation for understanding what we are testing and how it will be used by our partners. 

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The 3 Best Comic Runs Released On July 25, 2018

Quickly how one week goes by. Comic guru Ben reviewed the last of the July newly released comic runs and posted his Part 2/2 of the Best Comic Runs released yesterday. We may be a day late, but not too late to fill you in on which three comic runs you must start reading. Don't miss out on these. Oh by the way, if you missed out on the newest-trailers at Comic-Con International 2018 in San Diego, Ben found three of the most raved about. See the videos below!

Why Your Business Needs To Care About Password Security

Brady Nash is the CEO and visionary for ConnectBooster. He directs the company’s goals and works closely with the leadership team to focus ConnectBooster’s direction. In addition to working with the team, Brady meets with other business executives to form critical relationships in the IT Channel. 

ConnectBooster is a fully automated payments processing solution that works with your CRM and accounting software. It eliminates your outstanding accounts receivable through recurring billing and provides a secure payment portal for MSPs and their customers.

The 3 Best Comic Runs Released Today, July 18, 2018

Passportal is excited to announce a new, creative content series featuring various bloggers to talk about what is trending in and around IT channel. We plan to give future reviews on wacky gadgets, popular culture, comics, best apps, tech and more, in addition to our educational MSP business updates taught by industry experts. 

Where to Catch Passportal This Summer 2018

Passportal will be attending a variety of events this summer – and if you’re in attendance, make sure you say, 'Hello!'

Summer is in full-swing as we embark into the second week of July ( don’t ask me how that happened), and the crew here at Passportal are soaking up the rays through our enormous windows at the Calgary headquarters, getting ready for a busy season. 

Passportal Wins DattoCon18 Award, “Best Revenue Opportunity”, Voted on by 1600 MSP's – Marking This Our Most Successful Conference to Date

This week concludes the DattoCon conference in Austin, TX, June 18-20th, 2018, and quite frankly, it was one of our best conference’s yet - considering Passportal has been a sponsor for over 100 events. With over 1600 MSP’s in attendance from 25 different countries across the world, we are humbled with how receptive our presence was amongst all MSP's, our partners and other vendors. Just like bat signal in the midnight sky, the spotlight was on us.

The Importance of SOC 2* Reporting for MSPs and XaaS Vendors

Let’s start off by defining SOC 2 (System and Organization Control Requirements). SOC 2 defines requirements for system security, availability, confidentiality, data processing integrity and data privacy in an organization. With ever-increasing frequency, technology service providers are being questioned about these elements.

Passportal Announces Automated IT Glue Documentation Migrator with a Minimum 50% Cost Savings for Partners

Since the launch of Passportal’s Ocular™ Documentation solution, our current partners have benefited from the additional value of integrated credential security and password services. However for many who use IT Glue, the effort required to port documentation to Ocular™ was cost prohibitive.  Now partners can lower their costs, while consolidating password security and documentation management via an automated migration tool.