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Enterprise Password Vault Software

The Passportal access management system helps guarantee security

Enterprise Password Vault Software
Enterprise Password Vault Software 1

Choose straightforward and secure password management software designed for MSPs

Managing passwords and IT documentation is a crucial part of the services MSPs need to provide their enterprise customers. However, manually ensuring every end user is following password security guidelines is a massive task for even one enterprise customer, let alone multiple large company clients. 

That’s where N-able® Passportal™ comes in. Passportal is an enterprise password vault software that streamlines and simplifies the process of password management while also providing documentation management solutions. A cloud-based access management system, Passportal is easy to use and provides you with powerful capabilities, including automated password protection and the ability to manage and retrieve passwords and other client data from basically anywhere, on almost any device. 

Centralize enterprise credential management in a secure password vault

The complexity of the modern enterprise-level computing environment means managing thousands of your customers’ end-user credentials is inefficient and an ineffective use of time. Cyberattacks are becoming more common and more costly, so it’s essential MSPs provide their customers with secure password management software solutions. 

Passportal offers a centralized web-based console that gives your customers the ability to search, store, change, and configure their passwords according to their individual needs. The advantage of Passportal is that it helps your customers protect their businesses from harmful data breaches and other vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit.

Enterprise Password Vault Software 2
Enterprise Password Vault Software 3

Provide your customers with powerful data security, storage, and encryption

N-able Passportal prioritizes security and efficiency. Your data and your customers’ data is encrypted, allowing only authorized users to modify and configure their passwords and documentation. Passportal gives you granular control over who’s allowed access to the platform, what actions they can take, and even which clients and subfolders each user is allowed to access. Permissions can be updated at any time to maintain a hardened security front. 

The security solutions Passportal enterprise password vault provides have been tested by leading security assessment firms, so you can rest easy knowing we provide world-class protection that aligns with established industry regulations to help keep your customers’ data safe.

Provide insightful audits and reports on password strength and credential usage

Passportal provides your team with auditing and reporting capabilities that grant visibility into end-user behavior and password security—but also give you plenty of opportunities to demonstrate the value-add you’re providing to customers. Every time an end user accesses their systems and makes alterations, Passportal logs the metadata and can deliver reports based on the actions taken. 

The Passportal enterprise password vault reporting system also provides bird’s-eye views of overall password complexity across the enterprise computing environment, along with an overview of recently changed passwords and how many unique passwords are associated with individual accounts. 

Enterprise Password Vault Software 4

An enterprise password vault designed to maximize security

N-able® Passportal™

  • Use vetted password security solutions to help ensure customer credentials are encrypted and protected
  • Offer granular access control to customers configuring individual end-user privileges
  • Gain useful data and insight thanks to audits and reports