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Credential Management System

Easily regulate user access with credential management software

Credential Management System
Credential Management System 1

Store credentials securely with military-grade password protection for unmatched password management

Credentials serve as gateways to business-critical information, making them high-value targets for hackers. As such, MSPs must make sure they’re storing their customers’ credentials securely to keep them safe from bad actors.

N-able® Passportal™ is a cloud-based password management and credential management system designed to protect your customers’ accounts. With this SOC 2 certified solution, credentials are stored in an encrypted vault and protected by unique encryption keys, plus a remote encryption key that lives outside of Passportal—meaning your data will be unavailable to the N-able team. On top of this robust encryption, your customers’ data is also protected by multi-factor authentication to help ensure only the right people can access it. Your customers can trust their credentials will be kept safe with this credential management software.

Enforce the principle of least privilege with granular access control

To reduce the chances of a data breach due to credential misuse, it’s best to follow the principle of least privilege. This rule states that each member of the enterprise should only have access to what they need to perform their job, and nothing more. This enhances network security, aids auditing, and makes it easier to pinpoint who has made changes in the network if things go wrong.

N-able Passportal helps you enforce the principle of least privilege and can be configured to match the way your business operates. You can apply granular access at multiple levels from clients, to subfolders, to individual passwords. You can grant or revoke user access with a single click. These features increase efficiency and productivity as well as security.

Credential Management System 2
Credential Management System 3

Automate credential tasks with cloud credentialing software to increase efficiency

Password management and credential management can be challenging in large, complex enterprises because of the sheer volume of credentials that need to be monitored. This becomes even more complicated if the enterprise has a high turnover rate and credentials need to be continuously updated or revoked. Busy MSPs can benefit from automating credentialing and password management to support their customers—while also freeing up their technicians to work on more complex tasks.

N-able Passportal provides numerous automated features to help ensure that a little effort goes a long way. First and foremost, Passportal automatically generates strong, complex, and unique passwords for customer accounts. When someone leaves your company, or when an account is due for a routine credential update for maximum security, Passportal will automatically change passwords. It will also update any Windows services or scheduled tasks to utilize the new passwords typically within seconds. 

To aid credential management, this solution starts by performing an auto-discovery on the network and auto-updates the configuration of services to apply new credentials across the network whenever necessary.

Demonstrate your MSP’s value with a credential management system that features robust reporting

MSPs need to be able to easily show their customers the work they’ve done in order to highlight their value, offer more services, and build strong client relationships. 

N-able Passportal can help provide deep insight into customer credential usage and security. You can view and generate reports on the complexity of credentials in use, when credentials were last changed, password history retention, password data analytics, and more. These reports can differentiate you from your competitors and help you make informed business decisions regarding your customers, which helps you deliver a consistently high quality of service. 

Credential Management System 4

Provide unmatched access control with a credential management system

N-able® Passportal™

  • Store credentials securely with centralized password management
  • Support large, complex customer bases with automated credentialing
  • Demonstrate your value to customers with robust reporting features