Passportal UK Datacenter

Across the Pond

Passportal is very pleased to announce that we have launched a datacenter in the United Kingdom.  Thanks to the support of many partners already in the UK, we made the investment to provide localized web services and data storage for improved performance and data sovereignty.

With this announcement, we know there will be many questions from existing partners, and wanted to provide this outline of answers to help provide clarity.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Was this done to meet GDPR requirements?

No, the GDPR does not require that all data be stored in Europe.  However, it does require that if personal data is transported outside of Europe, that the data must be adequately protected, which Passportal does.  

For more information on GDPR and Passportal, please visit our GDPR FAQs page.

If my account lives on the Canadian or United States datacenter, will I still be GDPR compliant?

Yes!  Regardless of where our data is currently stored, Passportal has confirmed you will remain GDPR compliant as per our data processing and control standards.

I am a current Passportal Partner, can my account be moved to the new UK datacenter?

If you are currently using the Canadian datacenter, Yes!  We will be in touch with you to confirm your desire to move, and will be keeping you updated with the migration plan and dates as it unfolds. 

Unfortunately at this time, partners using the United States datacenter are not able to be migrated, however our team is working diligently on solving this restriction.

Is there a price change for Passportal Partners moving to the UK datacenter?

The only change you will see is a conversion of your invoice from Canadian Dollars (CAD) to British Pounds (GBP).  Our finance team has done a 5 year average of the currency exchange to ensure a fair conversion for both yourself and Passportal.


 Should you have any further questions regarding Passportal's new UK datacenter, please contact our Partner Success Team.