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Colin Knox

I am the Founder & CEO of Passportal, and a former MSP owner. We built the Ocular platform to help MSPs be more efficient and secure in their own businesses, while enabling them to deliver new value and security services to their clients. I want to personally thank you for your interest in learning more about us and our solutions.  I encourage you to contact us and learn more about not only our competitive low pricing, but how our solution is working and contributing to the success of our partners globally. Thank you!


Passportal products are up to 50% LESS expensive than other Password Security & Documentation Solutions

Passportal exclusively delivers our solutions to MSPs and IT Service Providers.  If you are an independent business looking for a password security solution, please email info@passportalmsp.com and we will connect you with a certified Partner in your area.

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 We don't publicly disclose our pricing to protect the value of the services our partners deliver to their customers with Passportal, but will provide to qualified ITSP's.