Passportal is available exclusively to IT Service Providers for a low monthly fee, and comes backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Our partners better manage and secure passwords while lowering service delivery costs, increasing technician efficiency, and improving internal & client security by delivering new value added services.  For this reason and to protect the value our partners deliver to their clients we do not post our partner pricing publicly.  

If you are an IT Service Provider, please complete the form below and we will provide you with our pricing details.

What some of our Partners have to say:

Our MSP uses dozens of tools to service our clients and it is hard to find one with more impact per dollar spent than Passportal.

Justin Nehring, Nehring Technology

Passportal was such a great fit for us because its friendly & easy to use UI drove buy-in from our team.

Cameron Rowe, CRC Data Technologies

This is now included in all of our managed services packages! Passportal enables us to be in sync with our clients.

Brent Fairbanks, ECS IT Services