Watch Chris Wiser, CEO of The Wiser Agency, as he interviews Colin Knox, CEO of Passportal, on growth hacking an MSP!

In this session, industry veteran Colin Knox shares his experiences, lessons learned, and advice on how to grow a successful, profitable, and efficient MSP business. Colin explains how he built a $4 million dollar MSP from scratch in only 5 years and what levers he pulled to get there. Colin shares tips on how other MSPs can bootstrap their own revenue.
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Chris Wiser, CEO of The Wiser Agency


About Chris

  • Expert Business Coach + Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Sales Generator
  • Funnel Master

Colin Knox, CEO of Passportal


About Colin

  • Former MSP Busines Owner, XCEL Professional Services
  • CEO of MSP-Centric Software Company, Passportal Inc.
  • Founded Passportal out of a need in his own MSP: 
    Privileged Credentials and Documentation Management

 About Chris Wiser's IT & MSP Business Owners Group

Chris Wiser built an exclusive Facebook group designed to support a community for those people working to improve their IT & Managed Service Provider businesses. He hosts live feature discussions to help other business owners engage in this space.

More on Chris Wiser

Chris Wiser is an 1x1 and group coach for small and large entrepreneurs alike. Building systems, process and taking business owners to the next level of profitability.

The Wiser Agency

The Wiser Agency is a digital marketing agency and focused on delivering Return on Ads Investment using Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, YouTube advertising, SEO and content marketing. 

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