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Where to Catch Passportal this Summer

Passportal will be attending a variety of events this summer – and if you’re in attendance, make sure you say, 'Hello!'

Summer is in full-swing as we embark into the second week of July (don’t ask me how that happened), and the crew here at Passportal are soaking up the rays through our enormous windows at the Calgary headquarters, getting ready for a busy season. 

The sun is glimmering, the weather is hot, and the skies are blue; all factors lending the perfect time for the leadership team to get out there and get involved with the IT community. Colin Knox, CEO, and Dan Wensley, President, are due to jet-set all over North America in a variety of events and we thought you ought to know.

Just this past week, Colin attended a government sponsored conference in Canada’s festival capital, Montreal, called Startupfest July 10-14th. Formerly crowned “a music festival for startups” by Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanianis, Startupfest is a networking conference that offers world-class content specifically designed for entrepreneurs, investors, and partners alike. The tech-focused event facilitated the conversation through global giants, such as Facebook and Shopify (even Justin Trudeau), whom delved into hot-topics regarding strategic marketing, business growth, and startup scalability.

Colin got a chance to strongly represent Passportal and it was VERY well received. We have garnered attention of many affluent tech entrepreneurs, and Passportal received many glowing comments of praise and encouragement. We continue to be proud for what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time. Look at us gaining traction all over Canada – go #Passportalites, go!

Summer events at a glance...

As we look ahead, there are 6 events Passportal will either be sponsoring or taking part in until the end of September. Let’s take a look at the calendar:

  • July 25th - Datto Roadshow - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Meet the lovely Leila and Sean (PDMs), hosting our sponsorship booth
  • July 31st - CompTIA Channel Con – Washington, DC
    Mark this one down! Passportal is hosting a massive sponsorship booth where Colin and Dan will make their debut, plus the awesome Des and Max (PDMs); we may have some surprises, so come meet the gang to find out what
  • August 14th - IoTSSA Roadshow - Centennial, Colorado
    Another big one! Passportal will be sponsoring IoTSSA as a vendor partner; we will be covering a FREE breakfast, lunch and happy hour on us; meet Dan and the gang!
  • August 29th - Datto Roadshow - Chicago, Illinois
    See Des and familiar faces; all equaling great times
  • September 18/19th - SolarWinds Empower MSP Conference – Phoenix, Arizona
    Dan will he heading to the desert to showcase how spectacular Passportal has taken off these past couple of months - and we couldn’t be more proud
  • September 20/21st - G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance – Buenos Aries, Argentina
    Colin will be GLOBE-TROTTING south for this specialty conference of 500,000 young entrepreneurs to learn educational and business needs to push Passportal to the top; Goodbye Canada, HELLO Latin America!

If you find yourself at any one of these listed events, come to our booth - we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email anytime and we will guide you in the right direction (towards us, that is!). We may even be releasing booth prizes, precious Passportal swag, and massive giveaways, so stay tuned to our social media on how to enter and be part of the buzz.

Curious about Passportal life? Check out our revamped Instagram @Passportalmsp and meet the team. Read daily updates by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn, @Passportal. You can even read organic testimonials by many of our users on Reddit forums, just saying. 


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Karla Poznikoff
Digital Marketing Manager

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