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The Anatomy of a Secure Password Generator

By SolarWinds MSP

Customers staking their business’s future on the next generation of digital infrastructure look to their investments for streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and an overall improvement in ROI. However, as any managed services provider (MSP) knows, moving critical business functions online can expose them to bad actors, from cybercriminals attempting brute force attacks or savvy social engineering operations, to employees accessing information they shouldn’t.

With the average cost of a data breach hitting $3.92 million in 2019, customers can’t afford gaps in their digital infrastructure that may create openings for cybercriminals. However, securing their operations requires constant vigilance and tech expertise—not to mention a healthy dose of common sense when it comes to personal cybersecurity practices.

Given that, it may alarm you to know many employees have been doubling down on bad password habits—a critical component of organizational cybersecurity. In fact, surveys have found that up to 51% of people using the same passwords across work and personal accounts and 57% of those who have been targeted by phishing attacks not updating their passwords, businesses without proper password management systems in place may be leaving themselves vulnerable to devastating cyberattacks.

Strong authentication is a must-have, as you build your business on reducing risk for your customers. By opting for a password manager, you can help your customers shore up their cybersecurity operation. With stronger passwords, regular credential updates, and more efficient management, businesses stand a better chance of keeping their information and network safe.

Why should you invest in a strong password management tool?

Customers turn to you for a wide range of IT services, but cybersecurity consistently tops the list. Business leaders understand the digital space is fraught with dangers, that bad actors can pose a serious threat to business continuity, and that even one data breach can pose an existential threat to an organization and its reputation. Accordingly, your customers rely on you for the IT tools necessary to anticipate and prevent digital threats.

While these are all necessary steps to crafting and enforcing an effective cybersecurity policy, it still doesn’t account for one of the most unpredictable and damaging variables of organizational security: human error. From social engineering attacks that prey on workers’ sense of urgency to the widespread misuse of simple passwords across dozens of accounts, employees can unknowingly pose a serious threat to the effectiveness of cybersecurity tools.

By mandating and enforcing strong password standards throughout their businesses, your customers can close one of the preeminent gaps in most cybersecurity policies. Secure password management tools that store credentials and help generate strong passwords are becoming an essential component of protection in an increasingly dangerous digital sphere.

How do you generate strong passwords?

To consistently generate strong passwords, MSP customers should use a secure password management solution. Apart from generating strong passwords, such tools also help with the storage of privileged credentials, password rotation, two-way sync with Active Directory, and more. With these capabilities, IT providers have a better chance of securing organizational infrastructure to successfully protect their customers.

Password generators work by leveraging something called a random number generator, of which there are three primary types: pseudo-random number generators, true random number generators, and cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generators. While the degree of randomization possible with computers is limited, the random number generators at the core of these tools have become sufficiently advanced to reliably protect against cybercriminals.

Is a password generator safe?

When paired effectively with a sophisticated password manager, password generators are a safe and reliable way to improve bad password habits across your customers’ employee teams. Indeed, password generators can help organizations preempt cybercriminals and other bad actors who may try to access information they shouldn’t. Mandating that privileged employees update their passwords regularly, refrain from using the same password across multiple private and business accounts, and use sufficiently complex passwords becomes easier for everyone when they can leverage a password generator.

To realize the benefits of a password generator and to truly make your customers safer in the digital sphere, it’s critical you deploy password generators in tandem with advanced password management platforms. You should use these tools in concert to make it easier for employees to craft sufficiently complex credentials for mission-critical accounts. They also make it possible for tech experts to have easy access to encrypted and easily navigable databases of what passwords are in use across their organization and which passwords need to be updated.

Moreover, on top of this, the two-factor authentication (2FA) feature is one of the simplest and most robust multi-factor authentication methods one can use to guard against cyberthreats. This crucial security measure requires an extra step when signing in to high-value services, forcing customers to provide at least two forms of proof of identity when accessing a secure service.

Using a password manager is perhaps the most important way to help ensure you have a strong, unique password for every service—but if your password manager itself isn’t as secure as possible, it may create a single point of attack for bad actors to exploit. Using a password manager with added 2FA and granular access control shores up that potential weakness.

With SolarWinds® Passportal, you can help your customers realize the dual benefits of password management and password generators. Passportal delivers encrypted and efficient password and credential management specifically designed for MSPs. From IT documentation software to the ability to reset passwords remotely and use password change automation, Passportal is a foundational tool you can use to help your customers meet industry password standards and deploy them strategically across their end-user accounts.

By making the process of password generation automated with Passportal, technicians minimize human error since users don’t need to create and memorize passwords on their own. Not only does Passportal generate strong passwords, it also makes it possible to auto-expire and rotate them for heightened security on behalf of their customers.

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