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Passportal Expands Integration with Datto Autotask PSA and Announces ‘Next-Gen’ Integrations with Datto RMM

By SolarWinds MSP

Announcing Passportal’s latest integrations with Autotask PSA and Datto RMM (formerly AEM). These integrations seamlessly integrate a two-way sync with Passportal’s documentation platform, Ocular™ + docs, which optimizes MSP's technician time by 20% and provides a plethora of added benefits.

Calgary, ALBERTA, CANADA – PASSPORTAL HEAD OFFICE – June 18, 2018 – Passportal today announced its enhanced integrations with Datto Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM), recently rebranded as Datto RMM, which demonstrate ‘next-gen’ enhanced functionality.

Passportal expanded its PSA integration with Datto-Autotask to sync configuration items into the Ocular™ + docs platform, creating configurations as assets that can be easily linked throughout client documentation. 

As Autotask advocates, “a PSA is the central hub for any MSP or ITSP. It must integrate with all of the critical applications that an MSP needs to run their business. It provides full visibility into customers internal operations and client profitability.” Passportal highlights this. With Autotask PSA linking seamlessly to Ocular™ + docs, technicians have single click access to client documentation. This eliminates scattered data sources and cuts technician time by 20% that is typically spent searching for client knowledge and information. This expanded integration allows technicians to proactively solve problems quickly with ease.

Furthermore, Passportal’s Founder and CEO, Colin Knox remarks, “the next-gen integration with Datto RMM brings a whole new level of operational efficiency by taking the next step beyond synchronization of all devices as assets. Functionality includes quick launch capabilities to rapidly access features of the RMM, which has never been seen before. This builds upon the fundamentals of MSP efficiency and drives incremental value to our partners and ultimately, their clients through faster resolution times.”

The integration of Datto RMM and Ocular™ + docs provides an array of added benefits for partners:

  • Two-way Sync for User Defined Fields on All Devices
  • Synced Devices have Quick Actions for:
    • Quick Remote Launch via RDP, VNC, and Splashtop
    • Running Audits and Visibility of Devices
    • Device Screenshot Capabilities
    • View and Rapidly Search Installed Device Software
    • Device Heartbeat Status
    • Livelink to AEM
  • Imports Clients from AEM into Passportal

Dan Wensley, President, comments, “these latest integrations with Autotask/Datto will benefit our mutual partners and the customers they serve. Delivering optimal experience and value through the automation of services has been the foundation of the MSP industry. This new innovation helps partners build on that promise.”

For more information on Passportal, please visit, email, or call 1.888.870.7840.

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About Passportal

Passportal simplifies secure password and documentation management for MSPs. The SOC2 certified IT security innovator offers channel partners an industrial-strength, fully-managed, cloud-based software solution called Ocular™ that automates password protection and makes storing, managing and retrieving client documentation quick and easy from virtually any connected device. Available to VARs, MSPs and ISVs worldwide, Passportal’s Ocular™ platform that includes Docs, Site™, and Blink™ promote compliance with industry regulations and helps protect businesses from data breaches, cyber security threats and network vulnerabilities. Founded in 2011 by successful MSP owner Colin Knox, CEO, Passportal is headquartered in Calgary and was recently named one of the “Top Emerging Vendors” in North America by CRN. Visit for more information.

Media Contact:
Karla Poznikoff
Digital Marketing Manager
1.888.870.7840 ext 122

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