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Passportal Announces Automated IT Glue Documentation Migrator with a Minimum 50% Cost Savings for Partners

Since the launch of Passportal’s Ocular™ Documentation solution, our current partners have benefited from the additional value of integrated credential security and password services. However for many who use IT Glue, the effort required to port documentation to Ocular™ was cost prohibitive.  Now partners can lower their costs, while consolidating password security and documentation management via an automated migration tool.

For the month of June, Passportal is giving MSPs the opportunity to try Ocular™ Password Security ‘+ docs’ Documentation Management Solution, FREE for one month.

Switching is made easy with Passportal’s IT Glue Documentation Migrator. You can easily and efficiently import all existing documentation into Ocular™ + docs through our automated process. Our world-class support team is here to assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition.

The IT Glue Migrator will automatically import all of your existing:

  • Passwords
  • Files
  • Articles
  • Documents
  • Assets/Configurations
  • Custom Flexible Asset Templates

The importer will also automatically recreate all relationship links between items with no fuss; a seamless transition into Ocular™ + docs.

Passportal President, Dan Wensley says “Our primary objective remains to help Partners be more profitable, secure, and deliver more value to customers. With our recent and pending announcements of next-generation integrations with Datto RMM, Autotask PSA as well as ConnectWise Manage and Automate, our commitment is being delivered. The migrator we have developed allows Partners to make a choice without the barrier of effort required to change. We remain committed to being a better platform and partner, at a better price. Password security and services linked to Documentation Management integrated into the platforms used today is a winning proposition for MSPs. We are pleased to be able to offer this to Partners globally.”

Get your hands on the full-version trial of Passportal’s Ocular™ + docs solution and take advantage of these additional perks:

  1. FIRST MONTH FREE - Receive your first month on us.
  2. FREE ONBOARDING - Receive a complimentary on-boarding and training session
  3. FREE AUTOMATED DATA MIGRATION – We do all the work, all you have to do is drag and drop

For more information, please contact your Partner Development Manager, email or call 1.888.870.7840 option #1.

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