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Feature Release: Passportal Announces Ocular™ Integration with SolarWinds MSP N-Central

By Passportal Inc.


Passportal is excited to announce our RMM integration with SolarWinds MSP N-Central!


The SolarWinds MSP N-Central integration allows Passportal partners to sync their devices directly into Ocular™. Once the device is in Ocular™, partners can link them to other assets, articles, documents, or credentials. Technicians can also retrieve rich device data from within Ocular™, and link directly to the devices in the N-Central console.

Features include: ­

  • Sync clients from SolarWinds MSP N-Central
  • Sync devices from SolarWinds MSP N-Central
  • Audit the device specifications
  • List and search software currently installed
  • Deep link to the device in SolarWinds MSP N-Central
  • 1-way sync from SolarWinds MSP N-Central to Ocular™

SolarWinds N-Central


Ocular + Solarwinds

>> Click here to learn about the Passportal + SolarWinds RMM Integration <<

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