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Product Offer: Grow Your Business with Passportal Site

[PRODUCT | 4 MIN READ] Until the end of the year we’ll give MSPs money back to invest in developing their businesses when they spend $500/month or more on Passportal Site.

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How Staff Security Awareness Training Can Protect Against Phishing Attacks

[SECURITY | 5 MIN READ] With the rise of email cybercrime, staff security awareness training is critical to ensure effective phishing attack prevention.

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How a Self-Service Password Reset Tool Can Benefit MSPs

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  MSPs can save time and gain productivity with an automated, self-service password reset tool for their customers.

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What Employee Turnover Means for Data and Credential Security

[SECURITY | 5 MIN READ] Employee turnover can lead to significant security risks. Here’s what MSPs need to know.

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Why IT Documentation and SOPs Matter

[IT DOCUMENTATION | 5 MIN READ]  Maintaining comprehensive documentation is critical to the success of any MSP.

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MSPs, How Are You Securing Your Login?

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  As a managed services provider (MSP), it is crucial to assess the way you are managing both your client's credentials and privileged information and your own. MSP security is client security. With that said, are you comfortable telling your clients how you store and manage access to their network systems? Here are four quick tips to help you enforce security within your own MSP.

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Announcing Our Integration with Kaseya VSA and Kaseya BMS

[FEATURE RELEASE | 3 MIN READ]  We know you already have tools you use to run your IT service business. One of our major goals for SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager is to help promote an open ecosystem for MSPs—one that enables our products to work with your existing toolset.

To that end, we’re excited to announce the release of our integrations with Kaseya® VSA and Kaseya BMS.

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See Even More at a Glance with Our New Dashboards

[FEATURE RELEASE | 2 MIN READ]  Your customers expect you to keep their systems up and running. Yet with so much under management, it can be hard for you to keep everything straight. Mistakes can happen—like unintentionally letting a critical IT asset’s license lapse. This can lead to downtime and, ultimately, frustration for your customer.

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Understanding AES 256 Encryption

[SECURITY | 7 MIN READ]  Encryption is fundamental to contemporary internet security. An encryption system scrambles sensitive data using mathematical calculations to turn data into code. The original data can only be revealed with the correct key, allowing it to remain secure from everyone but the authorized parties.

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How to Build Password Policies for Your Customers

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  Building your customer password policy can be tricky because it needs to balance security and convenience. Too much convenience, and you lose security. Too strict, and no one will use it.  

As a managed service provider (MSP), how do you create password policies that work for everyone? First, let’s look at some key elements that go into creating a comprehensive policy.

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