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Feature Friday: Ola Witukiewicz, Partner Experience Manager

Passportal is proud to feature Partner Experience Manager, Ola Witukiewicz, this #FeatureFriday. As a Passportal veteran, Ola witnessed first-hand growth of our platform. She also discovered one main theme about the IT industry. Continue reading to find out what it is.


Ola Witukiewicz, 
Partner Experience Manager

Ola began her professional career working alongside Michael Urquhart (COO) prior to them both joining Passportal. Diving into whatever role is needed at Passportal, Ola’s main focus has been event logistics. With a background in Accounting and English, Passportal’s growth has allowed her to continually learn. Ola began working at Passportal when there was less than half of the staff there is today, she has witnessed first-hand the growth of the platform along with the industry demand for cybersecurity. Within this niche market, Ola has worked alongside Passportal’s Partner Advisory Council (PPAC) in the past and had the ability to learn first-hand what MSPs really want and that is cybersecurity. We see this theme trending today.

Fun fact about Ola: In her early 20’s Ola spend the majority of her time traveling, she has conquered 43 countries and hopes to continue traveling. One of her biggest accomplishments has been completing her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification. In her spare time, Ola likes to take her blue heeler out running or swimming in the river near her home.


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