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Five reasons why MSPs should offer an end user password reset tool

By SolarWinds Passportal

As a user of digital systems, you no doubt have had to deal with password resets before. After forgetting your password, you likely want a fast, secure way to reset access with no hassle. If you work with a managed services provider (MSP), the process to deal with forgotten passwords often requires you to submit a ticket through your MSP’s help desk. 

However, in recent years, end user password reset tools have grown increasingly popular as MSPs become more aware of the benefits associated with offering an automated self-service password reset option to clients. Password reset requests are among the most common tickets received by support technicians and help desks, and they can add up to consume a significant amount of time. This decreases help desk and technician productivity, takes time away from more value-adding tasks, and can negatively impact your average time to resolution figures. 

An MSP password reset solution can free up time for technicians, increase customer satisfaction, and give your MSP an advantage over the competition. To give you a better sense of the value self-service password resets can add, this article will outline the top five reasons why MSPs should offer an end user password reset tool. 

1. Productivity

As mentioned briefly above, an MSP password reset tool can increase client productivity substantially by ensuring they can get back up and running within minutes when a user gets locked out or forgets their password. Without an end user password reset tool, forgotten passwords or user lockouts could lead to unnecessary downtime and reduced productivity, forcing customers to submit a help desk ticket before they can regain access to their accounts. 

With the right automated password reset tool, however, customers can request a reset in one or two clicks and unlock their account without needing an MSP’s immediate support. This results in less employee downtime spent waiting for support to assist with password resets. Equally importantly, your technicians don’t have to waste time on tedious and repetitive password reset tickets—which means they’re free to focus on performing more complex tasks that require their attention. Some tools—like SolarWinds® Passportal Blink, which we’ll discuss in detail later—allow end users to conduct a reset from their mobile device, meaning they can easily unlock their account from on-the-go. 

2. Simplicity and flexibility

End user password reset tools offer unmatchable flexibility and accessibility to your customers because they are available on a 24/7 basis. This is especially useful for customers whose teams may work outside of normal business hours, because it allows them to conduct a password reset whenever necessary, whether that means late at night or on the weekend. This accessibility is ideal for busy customers, customers working in different time zones, or remote workforces with flexible hours. 

MSPs that don’t offer an end user password reset tool will inevitably have to make end users wait until a support technician is available to answer their request. The longer their customers are made to wait, the more likely it is that they will become dissatisfied. Offering an end user password reset tool not only saves your team time, but also helps keep your customers productive and happy with your services. This helps ensure users no longer have to dread the prospect of being stranded without access to their apps and websites simply because they forgot their password.

3. Efficiency and job satisfaction

An end user password reset tool also helps improve efficiency for your business. By eliminating password reset tickets, your technicians can spend less time on simple password resets and more time on high-value tasks. In the long-term, this can reduce employee frustration and streamline your technicians’ workloads. When your technicians are able to focus on the more complex and rewarding aspects of their job, they’re likely to be happier and less likely to leave your MSP. By keeping not only your customers but your employees satisfied, a self-service password reset tool can keep your company efficient in the years to come. 

4. Revenue

As you consider a password reset tool, it’s also important to remember that as you add new services, your customers will likely be willing to pay more to reap the benefits. As such, the addition of an end user password reset tool to your toolkit can provide an additional source of revenue. A sophisticated and effective password reset tool could justify increasing the price of your MSP services, helping improve return on investment, boost revenue, and differentiate your MSP from the competition. 

5. Security

The right end user password reset tool allows you to increase security measures without inconveniencing end users. By allowing end users to reset passwords themselves almost instantly, companies can justify implementing stricter password and security policies without risking end users becoming frustrated. 

In addition to offering increased simplicity, efficiency, and productivity, many password reset tools are also able to offer advanced security. This may include biometric authentication or multi-factor authentication, helping ensure that end user password reset applications aren’t vulnerable to cyberattack. 

Taking your MSP to the next level with Passportal Blink

SolarWinds Passportal Blink is a self-service password reset tool that can help end users reset passwords for Microsoft, Windows, Azure AD, Microsoft 365, and Active Directory. Blink functions as an add-on to SolarWinds Passportal, and allows you to further extend your password management capabilities to offer your customers convenience and security. 

This self-service reset mobile application allows users to reset their own passwords at any time, day or night, without having to contact their MSP. If locked out, Passportal Blink will send users a push notification. The user is then prompted to open the Blink mobile application and verify their identity. Authentication is highly secure, with the option of using touch ID or biometrics. Once authenticated, the user clicks the Reset Password button and a countdown is initiated. This countdown gives the user 60 seconds to receive their new password. When received, the user is given the option of sharing it. Blink also allows users to submit password reset tickets. In this instance, the assigned technician would simply visit the Passportal console and reset the user’s password with a single click. 

With Blink’s simple and efficient process, your customers can experience enhanced productivity and efficiency. Employees can get back up and running typically just minutes after being locked out or losing a password. 

The MSP license for the Blink application can serve up to 10,000 end users, which means that the more end users who decide to implement Blink, the higher your return on investment. As well as being a sell-through product that can help MSPs increase revenue, Blink can also be offered to clients for free. This is because Blink can help MSPs dramatically reduce their ticket load for reactive password resets, providing an internal value that drives efficiency and scalability. The choice to sell Blink or offer it for free is left entirely to the MSP. Request a Passportal demo and learn more about how to add Blink as an add-on today. 


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