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[SECURITY | 3 MIN READ]  As a managed service provider, passwords are a big part of keeping your customers secure. Make sure you’re up-to-date on the best practices, and learn why a password manager is the best way to stay secure.


SolarWinds® Passportal provides simple, safe password and documentation management and integrates with many of the PSA and RMM tools your team already uses. It also offers value-added service products, such as Site and Blink, and feature benefits, like many Active Directory integrations, internet browser extensions, and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

And you can find out just how all this can help you and your customers—without having to pay to play!

To request your free trial, fill out our simple sign-up form with some basic details about your organization, and you’ll get access to everything Passportal has to offer for the duration of the trial.

The free trial is an important step toward better protecting both you and your clients’ data, giving your team a productive edge and providing your clients with new ways to benefit their business. Because of this, we want to make sure you get the most out of your free trialso we’ll even schedule an onboarding session with you to show you exactly how everything works.

Before we begin your session, you’ll need to complete some homework to prepare:

Step 1: Speak to your SW Passportal Account Manager by signing up for a trail

Step 2: Activate trial

Step 3: Watch our getting-started videos – you'll get an email with the videos upon activation

Step 4: Schedule your one-on-one onboarding session

Step 5: Set up your PSA, RMM, AD integrations

Step 6: Make a note of any particular topics you would like to discuss further in your one-on-one

Completing these six steps can help ensure an effective and valuable session.

Now there is nothing stopping you from trying out Passportal and finding out how it can enhance your business!

Click here to request your free trial today.

SolarWinds® adds Passportal suite to its MSP product portfolio. MSP security, simplified. SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager is a SOC 2 certified, RAPID 7 tested, award winning platform.

 Audited Tested Awarded-01

Grow your business faster with the world's first unified platform for true password management and secure IT documentation. More than 2,000 best-in-class MSPs around the world are leveraging our security, automation, and rapid access client knowledge to out preform the competition.Passportal-SolarWinds_1200x190


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