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Documentation Management API and Why It’s Important for the MSP Business

By SolarWinds Passportal

Effectively managing IT documentation can be a headache for managed services providers (MSPs). Keeping good records is an essential part of an MSP’s job. It ensures every tech has access to all relevant customer notes and setup documentation, which allows them to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. As MSPs operate in multi-software environments and service multiple customers, keeping track of distributed managed assets and related documentation can become a time-consuming task. 

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the keys to overcoming this obstacle. They allow skilled developers to add new services over existing software and create streamlined systems that help techs execute on the business strategy.

What is documentation management API?

The API for documentation management is a software intermediary which provides partners the ability to connect to third-party applications—allowing the two applications talk to each other. The possibility to create integrations with third-party programs and access documentation through both can save time and effort for MSPs. Below are some of the benefits of documentation management API. 

• Easy-to-access documentation 

A documentation manager can provide easy-to-access documentation in a standardized format so technicians can support clients quickly and effectively. With the new documentation management API for SolarWinds® Passportal, MSPs also get the ability to control and manipulate their documents from outside of the actual portal.

• Ability to create new assets

Technicians can update documentation both from Passportal and the platform it integrates with via the API, allowing the creation of new assets and bi-directional access to them. 

• Empowerment to your team

IT teams can integrate apps, services, and even devices with their own scripts. However, an application built with integration in mind via APIs is helpful. Users with technical skills can leverage the API to share data and business logic and add documentation management to the services they use.

Looking into specific requirements for your customers can help you ensure you’re enabling the best documentation processes with simple, secure, and clean solutions. For busy MSPs adapting to changing market circumstances, automated documentation is better than having people enter data manually. Solarwinds Passportal is a powerful documentation solution. Coupled with API and flexible assets, it can help revolutionize your MSP.

To find out more about how to use the SolarWinds Passportal documentation management API, click here

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