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Types of Penetration Techniques and Methods

[SECURITY | 7 MIN READ]  Penetration testing is a critical technique used among managed services providers (MSPs) seeking to provide additional cybersecurity for their clients. By some estimates, a cyberattack is expected to happen every 14 seconds in the US—with total losses estimated to reach $21.5 billion. Penetration testing services can help an organization prepare for hacker attacks, malware, and more by continually and regularly checking for weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and bad user behavior on apps, services, and networks. Read on for a breakdown of penetration testing steps, services, what to expect, and penetration testing tools MSPs must know about this year.

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MSPs, Get Your House in Order in October

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ] Learn how MSPs can strengthen their cybersecurity by following our weekly tips during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

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NIST Cybersecurity Framework Overview

[SECURITY | 7 MIN READ]  Very often managed services providers (MSPs) are responsible for helping to develop information security standards for their customers, as well as setting up their own processes. A comprehensive strategy is crucial for effectively defending against cyber threats. But how can MSPs and other IT professionals be sure that they have covered all the bases?

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Understanding AES 256 Encryption

[SECURITY | 7 MIN READ]  Encryption is fundamental to contemporary internet security. An encryption system scrambles sensitive data using mathematical calculations to turn data into code. The original data can only be revealed with the correct key, allowing it to remain secure from everyone but the authorized parties.

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