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A Letter to the MSP Community from Passportal's CEO

[PASSPORTAL INSIGHTS | 4 MIN READ]  The IT Channel was advised yesterday that IT Glue was acquired by Kaseya roughly two years ago.  We have long respected IT Glue as a fellow channel vendor, and for the past year as a competitor in the documentation management category.  We welcome the continued competition with them now as a Kaseya company.

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What I am personally most pleased with from this announcement is the validation and importance of documentation management for MSPs. Kaseya’s considerable investment in the documentation product category through the IT Glue acquisition further signals the building momentum in the industry, and confirms why Passportal has invested so heavily in strengthening our own documentation product.

Passportal is proud to remain a truly independent company with a completely open approach to partnering with all the leading PSA and RMM products in the market today by way of integrations and community involvement. We greatly appreciate the trust that has been placed in us by our various vendor partners and even more importantly by the thousands of MSPs who leverage our platform today, and we promise to always maintain an open and transparent approach to the industry.

This news shines a spotlight on the entire documentation category and brings the attention of not only MSPs, but other organizations globally who are engaged in a growing number of threats targeting MSPs in search of privileged passwords and documentation, which make up the blueprints and keys to their clients’ most prized possessions. With this, I urge the MSP community to consider password and documentation management with a more scrutinous eye for the security of this information.

Passportal is grateful to have a long standing reputation as the leading MSP password management company. With that origin, our team has worked diligently over the past year to create a unified platform melding our strong encryption based password management & automation product with contextual interlinked documentation to result in a single, seamlessly integrated solution for Privileged Client Knowledge Management.

With a heavy focus on Privileged Client Knowledge Management in 2019, we will continue to work with our industry vendor partners in our mission to provide MSP technicians the most rapid and secure access to the privileged client information and knowledge they need to effectively support clients and outperform the competition.


Colin Knox, CEO


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