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5 Major Things that Happened for Passportal in 2018

By Karla Poznikoff


1) PassSOC2 Logoportal became SOC2 certified and adopted GDPR compliance regulations 

In early 2018, Passportal adopted GDPR compliance to follow industry standards, and May brought Passportal recognition as a SOC2 certified company. SOC2 defines requirements for system security, availability, confidentiality, data processing integrity and data privacy in an organization.

Read why SOC2 is important for MSPs              > Read our key learnings on GDPR

2) Passportal won "Best Revenue Opportunity" award at DattoCon18


Passportal was awarded Datto's Vendor Award, “Best Revenue Opportunity”, one of only five awards available to the 73 vendor sponsors, voted on by the 1600 MSPs in attendance. 

Discover how DattoCon18 was one of our most successful events

3) Colin Knox participated in entrepreneurial panels all over the world


Colin Knox, Passportal's CEO, flew to Buenos Aires for 10 days to participate in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit (G20 YEA). Each year, the G20 YEA brings together hundreds of young entrepreneurs to engage with G20 leaders discussing topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and global change.

Colin also participated in entrepreneurial events across Canada in Montreal called, 'StartUp Fest', and in Calgary called, 'The Founders: Financing Your Business' hosted by The Ace Class and Helcim.

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4) Passportal announced several new RMM integrations, and implemented a partner feedback system


Passportal released many new integrations and innovations. Passportal announced RMM integrations with Datto RMM (formerly AEM)Continuum RMM, ConnectWise Automate, Ninja RMM, and SolarWinds MSP N-Central.

Passportal also integrated with a partner feedback system directly within the Ocular™ platform called Receptive. Receptive is a easy-to-use widget that displays within the Ocular™ platform on the upper right-hand corner indicated by receptive icon icon. Partners can provide feedback and feature requests quickly and efficiently as they use our product.

> Learn how Passportal Partners can help advance our platform by using Receptive


5) Passportal unified Ocular™ + docs as, "Privileged Client Knowledge Management" and advocates PMaaS essential for MSPsocular_dashboard

Passportal now created a unified platform that melds a strong encryption based password management and automation product with contextual interlinked documentation to result in a single, seamlessly integrated solution for Privileged Client Knowledge Management.

This allows a new opportunity for secure, value added services for MSPs in today's critical threat landscape. Password Management-as-a-Service (PMaaS) is now essential for MSPs and should be adopted in 2019.

> Read a letter to the MSP community from Passportal's CEO to learn more  


Written by:


Karla Poznikoff
Digital Marketing Manager

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