Eliminate Password Reset Tickets Today


If you're like most IT Service Providers, you've wished for less password reset tickets...

With SolarWinds® Passportal Blink, you can finally stop wishing for the seemingly impossible and begin eliminating password reset tickets by enabling your users to reset their own Microsoft login passwords in less than 60 seconds.

Blink™ is an add-on service to the SolarWinds® Passportal suite.






2) User grabs their mobile phone

Instead of using the mobile phone to call your Service Desk, they immediately notice a push notification from their SolarWinds® Passportal Blink Mobile App letting them know their locked account has been detected, and asks to authenticate themselves using Touch ID to resolve the issue. The user then simply presses the "Reset Password" button to activate a 60 second count down process to receive their new password.

After receiving their new password in less than 60 seconds, the user also has the option to share the new password given to them.

Pretty simple so far right?










How does it work?

1) User can't remember password 

It happens every day, users return from vacation or even just changed their password yesterday and can't remember it.  They try to login and are greeted with this screen which is met with frustration.

What happens in this situation? The user goes through a series of emotions entailing frustration that they have to use a complex password and change it every couple months, then they get mad at your IT firm because they blame you for having to do that, then feelings of embarrassment come into play because they couldn't remember their password, and finally impatience as they look to call your Service Desk for help when all they want to do is get to work.

Sound familiar?


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3) User logs in successfully

The user, impressed at the speediness of the password reset, turns back to the task at hand and logs in successfully with the password they were just sent.

Windows then prompts them to choose a new password, and they oblige. Hopefully they remember this one.

Now the user smiles, having enjoyed the experience, and best of all - gets back to work without having to involve your Service Desk.

No more phone calls, remote server logins, searching in Active Directory, choosing a password, setting it and reading the password over the phone (5 times thanks to complexity).


SolarWinds®  Passportal Blink Works With

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Eliminate Password Reset Tickets

Deliver An Automated More Secure Service

Increase User Uptime & Reduce Frustration

With SolarWinds® Passportal Blink™, provide your clients on Windows, Active Directory, Azure AD, and Office 365 the ability to reset their own passwords from a mobile phone.  This eliminates the need for clients to create service tickets which lowers your costs and improves their operational efficiency.

Whether users prompt their own password reset or still call your team to handle the issue with a single click within the console, you will save time, effort, and frustration! 

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