Workflow Automation

As a course of business, staff will leave your organization. To aide in performing efficient due diligence for your clients, Passportal will notify management of all passwords at clients that should be changed due to previous views or touches by the technician. A consolidated listing of these credentials will be displayed on the dashboard for all users who share access to those credentials to expedite the changing and updating process. This is much more effective than ignoring the potential for malicious attacks by the departed staff member, or spendingcountless unbillable time changing every password at each client.



When a technician leaves, you need to change passwords. Quickly. Using Passportal’s multi-domain Active Directory integration, you can change all the Active Directory passwords the departed technician knows from a single screen – without needing to connect to each client server remotely.

Data Import and Export

For simplicity of migrating your organization’s clients and passwords to Passportal you can import clients, users, and passwords using a spreadsheet template. In the same module, you can export your organizations data to clear text spreadsheets for your own multi-level backup protection.

PSA Integration

Unlike many other password managers, we understand MSPs since we came from an MSP. We know how your business operates and the tools you use on a daily basis, as such Passportal is integrated with Autotask and ConnectWise for faster access to the passwords your technicians need when they need them.