Secure, encrypted, convenient, centralized password management solution for ITSPs


Convenience & Simplicity

Coming from an MSP, Passportal knows that efficiency within your technical team is paramount to operating successfully and profitably. As a result we have built in numerous features to allow your technicians to work quickly and easily with passwords, saving time hunting for the right credentials in various places.


Synchronized bookmarks across all devices allow you to launch and login to any website, with a single click, without having to remember the URL, username, or password associated.


Passportal knows that sometimes clients are peering over your shoulder as you work, and viewing passwords on screen may not always be optimal. This is why we offer the ability to copy a username or password to your clipboard directly from the table list, without ever needing to open or see the password displayed on screen.


Even though you may login to a client every day, the complex password is too much to remember. Rather than browsing through the database to find the password to get in, Passportal lets you bookmark the item so that it is always available to you quickly at the top of the screen.


Who doesn’t use their smartphone 100 times a day? We know that techs aren’t always in front of their computer, and sometimes don’t even have a solid internet connection. So we offer a feature rich, mobile optimized interface that allows users to get the information they need, fast and easy.


Passportal’s search system is indexed frequently for rapid searching, and also allows you to search across any stored item in a single step. Search any matches across Clients, Passwords, or Users and get quick access to the information you are looking for.


Many systems require you to re-input a password to save a configuration change, or even when the web-based control panel times out on you. Instead of hunting around for the password again, simply check Passportal’s top bar for your recent accessed items, and wrapping up the task is a breeze.


Auditing & Reporting

Passportal tracks all touches to passwords that it protects. At any time, a manager can determine who created, viewed, edited, or archived client credentials. It will also provide when they performed the action, and from which public IP address. This audit report fulfills the IT regulatory compliance requirements to prove which individuals have accessed the passwords of a regulatory compliance controlled corporation (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc).


Passportal retains a complete history of all previous passwords for any credential input to the system. This allows a viewer to determine who changed the password and when, as well as alternative passwords to try in the event the “current” one is not working.


Our solution allows you complete insight into the passwords your MSP manages by reporting on anything from the password complexity to age, accuracy, and complete audit logs of your technical staff interactions with the passwords.


Workflow Automation

As a course of business, staff will leave your organization. To aide in performing efficient due diligence for your clients, Passportal will notify management of all passwords at clients that should be changed due to previous views or touches by the technician. A consolidated listing of these credentials will be displayed on the dashboard for all users who share access to those credentials to expedite the changing and updating process. This is much more effective than ignoring the potential for malicious attacks by the departed staff member, or spendingcountless unbillable time changing every password at each client.


Unlike many other password managers, we understand MSPs since we came from an MSP. We know how your business operates and the tools you use on a daily basis, as such Passportal is integrated with Autotask and ConnectWise for faster access to the passwords your technicians need when they need them.


For simplicity of migrating your organization’s clients and passwords to Passportal you can import clients, users, and passwords using a spreadsheet template. In the same module, you can export your organizations data to clear text spreadsheets for your own multi-level backup protection.


When a technician leaves, you need to change passwords. Quickly. Using Passportal’s multi-domain Active Directory integration, you can change all the Active Directory passwords the departed technician knows from a single screen – without needing to connect to each client server remotely.



Passportal has deployed independent data centres in both Canada and the United States. This allows us to properly ensure your data remains sovereign and your organization can comply with regulatory compliance requirements set against your clients.


Passportal easily allows you to assign temporary or permanent access to your team. Consultant client assignments are guaranteed to change, and in the event that a user requires access to aspecific client which you have not yet assigned to them in Passportal, they have the ability to request either temporary or permanent access through the system. As a manager in Passportal, you can decide on what level of access to grant, and for what duration.


Passportal can protect access to your data with two factors (something you know, and something you have). To further enhance security and verify the identities of those accessing your passwords, Passportal offers a native 2FA function. This allows you to logon using an expiring One Time Passcode (OTP) generated by our system and sent to you via SMS, Email or Phone Call to protect you from keyloggers, over-the-shoulder peaking, and sticky notes.


Passportal allows you to set the password rotation frequency organization wide for both internal users, and client credentials stored in the system. This assists your organization in ensuring that client credentials remain fresh and less likely to be compromised due to someone’s memory.


Not all system permissions levels are going to fit every situation. As such, Passportal allows you to create entire custom permission groups for user assignment, or to add individual permissions to specific users on a one-off basis.

Robust &
Powerful Security

At Passportal, we take passwords seriously and the protection of your passwords is our number one priority! All password data stored in Passportal is AES-256 encrypted in compounded layers using multiple SHA-256 hashes leveraging secured remote components.

As an added measure of security each MSP chooses their own custom Organization Passphrase at registration which Passportal staff never know and can’t see (since we don’t store it). This adds an additional layer of encryption to the data and better ensures your security.


Passportal Site allows you to deliver Password Security as a new value added service.  Delivering a secure password storage and access solution to manage their corporate passwords. 

A Site license also delivers the ability securely share and synchronize passwords between your technicians and your clients, eliminating blocked technician access when a user changes a password internally.  



Easy Activation

With a single click you can activate a site license for your clients, they will be able to have unlimited users and unlimited passwords. 



Fully Brandable Interface


Your branded interface is the first and last thing they see which is pretty handy when they rave about you to friends and their professional networks!


Your Clients Will Love...


Password Backups for their 'Internet of Things'


Today's businesses depend on Wi-Fi, the cloud, and interlaced applications. So, what happens if the internet goes out but the business day isn't over? Our Password Backup Utility feature gives your risk-efficient and non tech-savvy clients peace of mind in knowing they won't be locked out if there's an internet outage!


Mobile Access for Clients Always on the Go


Clients are always on the go but still need to secure their business. WIth a mobile optimized site and an upcoming mobile application, Passportal gives your clients anywhere access with concrete security you can't find from consumer-level alternatives!


Passportal Lite provides your clients on Windows Directory networks the ability to reset their own passwords through SMS messages. This eliminates the need for them to create a ticket, lowering your costs, and improving their company's operational efficiency.



Easy to Use!


Passportal Lite has an easy setup for all your Windows Network clients. All they need to do is set up their security questions with their associated account emails. If they lose a password, they simply enter their email through a login page you give them ahead of time, answer the security questions they set up with you to begin with, and their passwords are reset with a confirmation email! 


Add Value to Your Service!


Reduce Service Tickets

Save Time & Frustration

Improve your Client's Experience