Passportal is a cloud-based Password & Identity Management solution exclusively designed for and used by MSPs. More than 1000 IT service companies across 30 countries have implemented Passportal internally to better manage their clients' passwords, strengthen security, and improve engineer efficiency. Our partners also drive new service sales with their own branded version of Passportal to deliver Password Security Management as a value-added service to their clients.

lower costs

Using Passportal lowers an MSPs current service delivery costs by improving individual technician efficiency and reducing the number of password related service tickets submitted by customers. 

improve security

Implementing Passportal increases the complexity and security of passwords, while auditing and reporting who, where, and how they have been accessed.

increase sales

Using Passportal Password Management internally provides MSPs a security-based differentiator to help win and maintain more business.


Security & Success

In a world where password hacking software can test up to 10 billion password combinations in seconds, entire businesses rely on the memory of different team members for critical account passwords, and anyone can learn how to crack a password through a simple YouTube video. The need for military-grade protection for MSPs has never been greater.

For an MSP, simply managing passwords isn’t enough. To succeed and grow a business, every password should be protected with the highest security measures on an ongoing-basis. Workflows should provide intuitive access for collaborative efficiency and the solution should be innovative in empowering an MSP to activate its benefits for each of their clients.

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We understand ITSPs since we came from an ITSP. We know how your business operates and the tools you use on a daily basis, as such Passportal is integrated with your favorite industry tools for faster access to the passwords technicians need when they need them.


High-Level Security. High-Level Value.


Trusted security. 

Your security is our #1 priority, and as such, we have invested heavily in time, hardware and software to ensure you the best protection in the industry.  We cover you from all angles with virtual and physical security controls, through to our internal operational procedures and processes which are always followed.  This is all backed up by frequent testing engagements with a third party security firm. 


Security Audited & Tested by:


The power of encryption

All data is protected by numerous rounds of compounded AES-256 encryption and SHA-256 Hash keys on a randomized basis that is unique to each organization, client, and password. This means that there is no single method of encryption and decryption for any of the passwords within your organization – it is unique for each password you store. This makes cracking our encryption a universe ending calculation, it will be the end of time before anybody uncovers your passwords. 

To top this all off - In the event that our servers do get compromised, the hacker is still missing several key pieces of information.  We do this by leveraging remote hash keys including one we do not generate, store, or know – your self-set Organization Passphrase. 


Our system is designed such that a hacker would have to compromise many locations and still not have every piece to the puzzle.

What makes us so different?

There exist many Password Management solutions. We are the only password management solution that is designed by an ITSP for ITSPs like yours. We are your channel provider that is integrated with all the tools you love including Active Directory, Connectwise, and Autotask. We also allow full programmatic access to your passwords which means you can integrate Passportal into any component or tool within your business. 

don't be fooled

Our service ensures your passwords can’t be found or stolen which alleviates the limitations of your standard ‘documentation platform'. These services simply store all your valuable information on a silver platter for possible hackers! Don't take a good sell on 'convenience' over convenience with security!

Highest security & availability.

Passportal utilizes the AWS system of data centers that are constructed in a highly available, fully redundant manner that guarantee continuous up-time and mitigate points of failure.


breakups are hard. offboarding shouldn't be.


Single-Screen Access

When a technician leaves, no need for the awkward 'breakup' email to get all your clients' passwords changed over; We provide an active directory single-screen control that allows you to change hundreds or thousands of passwords (that the technician touched) in minutes as opposed to going through each client manually. This not only increases your data's security but also makes your process easier limiting downtime.


Have a conversation with your client that you've never had before


In a world where technology is constantly evolving it can be difficult to maintain your competitive edge. Now you can provide Password Management and Security in multiple ways to your client based on what they need through our different product offerings that are branded and customized to your business!