The End of Sticky Note Security™

We've all seen them, sticky-notes full of passwords plastered all over monitors and keyboard trays at our clients - Now there is a solution to put this bad habit to bed!

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Manage Client Passwords Anywhere, Anytime.

Our web and mobile optimized application gives your technicians quick access to the passwords they need.

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Security Starts With a Password™

You've invested in firewalls, web filtering, email security, and backup & recovery tools - Now it's time to consider the first line of defense!

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What MSPs are Saying:

“Passportal has been reliable and helpful to us in improving our clients’ security, and their team has been very responsive in resolving any issues we’ve experienced.”

Matt Chandler, Director of Communications

"Mirus realized the methods we were using to protect customer passwords were no longer adequate. We trialed Passportal and were really impressed with the product and support. We now feel reassured we have the correct approach to password management."

Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director
Mirus IT Solutions

"Choosing Passportal was one of the smarter choices I have made in my IT business. Our clients love the peace of mind, and I love the fact that we aren't hunting for the right passwords. Passportal is a much needed product at a price any IT company can afford."

Chris Michalec, President
Parkway Technology Solutions

Why Choose Passportal?

Better Password Insights

With a full range of auditing and reporting features in Passportal, you can accurately track and review every aspect of access to your clients’ passwords giving you a clear understanding of who has seen what and when.

Service Desk Efficiency

Through our PSA and multi-site Active Directory integrations, Passportal gives technicians quicker access to passwords from service tickets and can change and store passwords in a single step, or even automatically make changes for you when a technician leaves.

Improved Client Confidence

Using many of the highest security industry standards and technologies, Passportal ensures your clients’ passwords are properly protected and allows you to set granular permissions for access to them. Much better than that unsecured Excel spreadsheet or unaudited, non-encrypted records in your PSA!

"MSP Password Management Just Got a Little Easier"

"Passportal upgrades password management for MSPs"

"Passportal for MSPs aims to fix holes in passwordsecurity"

"Industrial Strength Solution Designed for MSPs"