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Secure Password Manager Solutions

Provide customers with a privileged password security solution

Secure Password Manager Solutions
Secure Password Manager Solutions 1

Help keep customers protected with a secure password manager designed for businesses of all sizes

The costs of cybercrime are on the rise, which means strong security safeguards are crucial. One of the most easily implemented and effective client security solutions is a password manager. Password managers can provide the same benefits to managed services providers (MSPs) managing large scale enterprises as well as small- and medium-sized clients.

N-able® Passportal™ is a web-based password manager that allows end users to easily search through and modify their account passwords, while helping ensure their passwords remain encrypted and protected. Pair this with data storage, granular control, and the ability to automate routine tasks, and MSPs have a strong password security solution to leverage.

Automate routine tasks so you can spend more time providing managed cybersecurity services

Passwords are a necessary part of every computing environment. They’re simple yet effective ways to give authorized users access to the information and resources they need to do their jobs, while also keeping those assets out of the reach of unauthorized users. For this reason, it’s important for passwords to be complex, safe, and updated regularly.

Managing customer passwords is an integral part of the services that every MSP provides. It’s a tedious job to manually reset passwords every 60 to 90 days, but the good news is that Passportal is designed to automate the time-consuming, routine parts of the password management lifecycle. This gives you more time to address more pressing and critical issues.

Secure Password Manager Solutions 2
Secure Password Manager Solutions 3

Put client security first with Passportal’s lineup of security features and safeguards

We built Passportal to provide two things: security and convenience. This cloud-based password manager uses unique organization keys to keep your customers’ data protected, and not even N-able can access or decrypt that data. Passport’s military-grade security solutions have been vetted by leading security assessment firms certified on the trust services criteria: security, availability, and confidentiality.

Passportal’s intuitive console and granular controls help keep sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Set up automations for password resets, provide visibility into critical metrics like credential age and domain expiry, and make improper password management practices a thing of the past with Passportal.

Brand and configure Passportal’s interface for a seamless brand experience

Passportal is a password manager that allows you to brand its web interface with your logo and colors, creating a seamless experience for your customers. Passportal also allows your customers to tailor password management to their specific needs by giving them control over their own password management configuration—all the way down to individual end user permissions.

Passportal’s configuration options allow your customers to determine the level of permissions that make the most sense for their daily operations. They can even quickly modify which actions and functions end users are allowed to perform and access, even allowing users to temporarily access specific assets as needed.

Secure Password Manager Solutions 4

Improve protection with a secure password manager

N-able® Passportal™

  • Automate time-consuming routine tasks
  • Easily sync between Passportal and Active Directory, Azure AD, and Microsoft 365
  • Use robust reporting and auditing systems to demonstrate the value-add your services provide