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Privileged Password Management Software

Streamline account management with privileged password security tools

Privileged Password Management Software
Privileged Password Management Software 1

Make privileged password management easy, simple, and powerful

Privileged password security is the practice of creating, storing, and updating administrative credentials. The security end goal is twofold: robust privileged password management helps keep admin credentials usable by those who need them while also protecting those credentials from unauthorized access or use. 

Because these passwords and credentials have greater access and permissions across accounts, networks, and systems, they are highly sought after by hackers and insiders. Rather than keeping these credentials in spreadsheets and plain-text files, companies of all sizes need their managed services providers (MSPs) to offer stronger, more secure options. 

N-able® Passportal™ provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based access management system that helps MSPs manage, search, configure, and update customer credentials from a centralized dashboard. 

Keep customer data protected with powerful layers of encryption

N-able Passportal was designed to be a secure password manager for your customers. Created by security experts for security experts, it provides an essential set of tools and functions that protect accounts and systems from being hacked because of improper password management. 

We take security seriously, which is why we test and audit our software solutions through inspection by leading security assessment firms. Passportal encrypts data when it’s stored and when it’s accessed—and not even N-able can decrypt it.  Whether assisting ensure end-user password resets or allowing you to quickly update a network service account password, Passportal has the features you need to help keep sensitive data and information from being accessed by cyberattackers. 

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Privileged Password Management Software 3

Streamline the process of privileged password management with Passportal

Password management is a key responsibility for any IT department or service provider. However, trying to manage each end user’s account and password individually can become a cumbersome and time-consuming chore. 

Access management systems like Passportal automate many repetitive tasks according to best practices for privileged password management . That’s why N-able Directory Service Control agents for Windows are designed to do the heavy lifting. 

With Passportal, you can set passwords to auto-expire by configurable frequencies and allow Passportal to auto-generate unique and complex passwords that can’t be easily guessed. Extend your privileged password security protections to accounts in Active Directory, AzureAD, and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). Use detailed audit logs to track who has accessed which system and when. 

Help ensure security with detailed and robust auditing and reporting tools

Having insights into the usage and security of how client credentials are used is one of the main benefits achieved from using privileged password management. Passportal makes it easier for you to have a complete overview of current security measures across clients, in part to prove your value-add for customers.

Hone in on privileged password accounts to demonstrate your consistent protective measures. For instance, you can quickly generate reports on the complexity of passwords within a given domain, as well as how many unique passwords each account has. 

This is possible because Passportal maintains logs, easily accessible through the reports section of the platform. You can run any of nine different reports designed for in-depth auditing purposes, including audits based on user or client.

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Use privileged password management tools to help keep your customers secure

N-able® Passportal™

  • Protect passwords and account credentials with several layers of security
  • Automate time-consuming mundane tasks so you can troubleshoot bigger issues
  • Get detailed usage reports to track who has accessed which system and when