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Cloud Based Password Manager

Use privileged password management to fine tune individual end-user permissions

Cloud Based Password Manager
Cloud Based Password Manager 1

Opt for a safe web-based password manager designed for managed services providers

Safe and effective password management is one of the crucial services managed services providers (MSPs) need to offer their customers. This becomes especially important with large organizations or enterprise-level customers, who can easily have thousands of end users whose passwords must be stored and encrypted. 

Because passwords are so intrinsically involved in MSP operations, it’s imperative to select a password management system that makes your job easier and provides your customers with the ability to search, access, modify, and run reports on all account passwords within the computing environment.

N-able® Passportal™ provides an intuitive privileged password management system designed to align with everyday MSP business operations by combining safe data storage with granular access control and other management functions.

Automate password management with the Passportal robust lineup of advanced functions

In addition to providing military-grade data security that has been vetted by leading security firms, N-able Passportal automates parts of the password management lifecycle to help free you from tedious busywork and let you devote your time to resolving critical issues and more valuable tasks for your customers.

This cloud-based password manager uses unique organization keys to help ensure your customers’ data is kept protected behind layers of safeguards—so that not even N-able teams are able to decrypt or access the data. A fully brandable solution that can be tailored to provide a seamless brand experience to your customers, Passportal enables users to set passwords for Active Directory, AzureAD, and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), allowing for automated password rotations. The Passportal dashboard also provides quick visibility into important metrics like credential age and expiry.

Cloud Based Password Manager 2
Cloud Based Password Manager 3

Get granular access control anytime and anywhere

While some cloud-based password managers may provide either too much or too little access to end users, Passportal puts you and your clients in the driver seat by letting you choose who has access to what. N-able Passportal provides configurable control over end-user permissions, allowing you and your customers to tailor password management to your businesses. 

Moreover, the Passportal web-based enterprise password storage system enables you to select specific functions or actions that each account is authorized to use within the platform. This creates a flexible password management system where user permissions can be changed quickly if needed.   

Use critical insights to demonstrate the MSP difference

The N-able Passportal web-based password manager is built by security experts for security experts. We know and understand the tools that help MSPs operate more efficiently while improving their customers’ password security. 

Using the Passportal robust reporting and auditing system, you can quickly demonstrate the difference you provide to your customers. Take advantage of the customer data you have available. With Passportal, you can easily see the complexity of end-user passwords, which passwords haven’t been changed recently, who was responsible for specific changes, and more.

In addition, MSPs can now offer their customers high levels of encryption and security safeguards thanks to Passportal. As an MSP, Passportal is the tool you need to guide business decisions and demonstrate you’re outpacing the competition.

Cloud Based Password Manager 4

Help keep data secure and accessible with a cloud-based password manager

N-able® Passportal™

  • Take advantage of tools designed by experts for experts
  • Automate a range of functions so you can allocate your attention to more pressing concerns
  • Use reports and audits to demonstrate compliance and security effectiveness