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Client Password Management

Control access to customer accounts with a client password manager

Client Password Management
Client Password Management 1

Enforce password security best practices for your customers to reduce the risk of a breach

Passwords are your customers’ first line of defense against hackers and unauthorized access, so it’s critical that their passwords are complex and hard to guess. Password best practices can help prevent your customers from falling victim to a breach—but without a client password manager, it would be nearly impossible to enforce them all. 

N-able® Passportal is a cloud-based password manager designed to make password management best practices easy to follow for MSP customers. Passportal automatically generates strong, unique passwords for your customers so they don’t have to worry about creating and remembering their own. 

Multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to accounts with this solution. To eliminate password reuse and automate routine password maintenance, MSPs can also set passwords to automatically expire at any frequency.

Use a cloud-based password manager with auditing to help customers demonstrate compliance

Password noncompliance can cost an enterprise millions of dollars in damages, fines, and loss of customer trust. If your customers become the victims of a breach, you’ll need a client security password management tool that allows you to easily view client data, examine configurations and system usage, and drill down on issues. N-able Passportal + Documentation Manager can help. 

In addition to implementing password management best practices, Passportal measures and enforces password complexity to boost cybersecurity. By ensuring passwords are as strong as they can be, your customers will be better protected from data breaches. 

This solution also provides insight into the security and usage of client credentials and provides audit-level proof points to demonstrate compliance requirements. With these features, you can be better equipped to pinpoint what happened in the event of a breach and help prevent password noncompliance on behalf of your customers.

Client Password Management 2
Client Password Management 3

Configure access that aligns with the way your customers operate

The principle of least privilege states that each person in an enterprise should only have access to what they need in order to perform their responsibilities. This elevates network security and helps increase productivity. However, in large enterprises with numerous employees and complicated mixes of IT systems, it can be challenging to regulate access rights consistently across the enterprise. 

N-able Passportal combines client password management and granular access control in one powerful tool designed for MSPs. This solution allows you to apply granular data access assignments at varying levels, like clients, subfolders, and individual passwords. You can also grant access that expires based on time.

For your technicians, credentials are automatically captured in a vault to ensure they have access when needed—and their access can be instantly revoked when they’re finished performing a task. These features help keep your customers safe from the inside out.

Empower your customers to reset their own passwords with a self-service reset tool

Password resets are typically the most common tickets MSP technicians receive—but they’re tedious for you and inconvenient for your customers. 

N-able Passportal offers self-service password resets through the Passportal Blink add-on, a mobile application that allows users to reset their own passwords on Microsoft Windows, Active Directory, Azure AD, and Microsoft 365—without submitting a helpdesk ticket.

The user gets a push notification from the Blink app on how to unlock their account, and they can reset their passwords and get back to their work typically in under a minute. They can also easily authenticate their identity using fingerprint biometrics. Fewer password reset  tickets mean your technicians can focus on more complex tasks, and your customers will enjoy the ease of resetting their passwords without waiting for a technician to become available.

Client Password Management 4

Protect your customers with client password management

N-able® Passportal™

  • Generate strong, unique passwords to help keep your customers secure
  • Help ensure your customers can meet compliance requirements
  • Allow customers to reset their own passwords with Passportal Blink