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Making the leap from break/fix to IT Managed Security - One MSP's Story. Download our Case Study

When InfraNet Solutions made the leap to managed security services, it wasn’t the security tools themselves the technicians struggled with as much as managing the passwords and credentials. Many end users had poor password practices—and even worse means of keeping track of them.

Learn why COO Marynel Wahl chose SolarWinds® Passportal and believes “any channel member should have this in their portfolio."

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Documentation Makes Everything Better! Read, Quick Start Guide For MSPs - Steps to Begin the Documentation Journey

We don’t blame you for wanting to bang your head against the wall every time you have to spend hours searching for the information you need to get a customer back up and running. Learn how to standardize your documentation practice using simple, easy-to-follow steps. That way, you don’t have to waste your time ever again.

Let us help you improve efficiency and customer experience. Download a copy of our quick start guide for documentation today.

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Enhance Your MSP Business with Our Latest On-Demand Webcasts  

Running an MSP is hard work. Retaining a competitive edge is even harder—it takes the right know-how to create and retain that edge. To help, access our most recent webcasts so you can learn valuable tips designed to improve your MSP business. 

Watch four sessions in the Coffee Break Mini Webcast Series:

  • Session 1: MSP technician turnover risk
  • Session 2: Weak security protocols make hacking easy
  • Session 3: IT documentation best practices
  • Session 4: Privileged credential protection in co-managed IT environments
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Get a Grip on Your Passwords! Get Infographic, 5 Tips for Preventing Harm after an Employee leaves

Did you know 89% of employees admit to retaining access to at least one application from a former employer, and 49% admit to using an account from their former employer?

Poor password management can leave businesses vulnerable to significant threats—especially following employee departures. Don’t put yourself at risk; download our infographic to learn how you can help ensure a smooth, safe transition after an employee leaves.

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When it comes to protecting passwords, it helps to know your enemy. Get the eBook, The Many Ways to Steal a Password

Cybercriminals can do a lot with peoples’ passwords—steal data, reset accounts, or download malware for long-term damage. Unfortunately, they have multiple methods at their disposal for stealing passwords and user credentials.

Knowing the weapons your enemies use can help you defend against credential theft and account compromises.

Get our free eBook, The Many Ways to Steal a Password, to discover:

  • Several techniques criminals use to steal and crack passwords
  • Methods you can use to defend against these techniques
  • An easy way to enforce password best practices within your MSP business
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The Enormous Value of Standardizing Your Documentation. Get the White Paper, Using Documentation to Boost Your Efficiency and Drive Profitability

As an MSP owner, you already know the value of standardization. For example, if most customer environments use the same software and technology, technicians can roll up their sleeves and fix issues faster without having to switch contexts.

But have you ever considered the importance of standardizing your documentation? When techs have consistent, up-to-date documentation, they fix issues faster, perform maintenance more easily, and deliver more consistent service. Get our free white paper, Using Documentation to Boost MSP Efficiency and Drive Profitability, to discover:

  • How using a documentation solution can bring multiple benefits to your MSP business
  • What elements to look for in a documentation solution (don’t choose one before you read these tips)
  • Documentation automation, and how it can help your team stay consistent without a ton of upkeep

Don’t let incomplete or inconsistent documentation weigh your MSP down—get the white paper today to learn more.

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Your Clients Are Only as Secure as You Are. Get the eBook, Building a Security Practice Within Your MSP

You’ve done everything right: moved from break/fix to managed services, increased your security offerings, and reinforced protections for your customers. But have you double checked your own doors? MSPs are value-rich targets—cybercriminals don’t have to go after individual clients when they can get them all in one fell swoop.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to boost your own cybersecurity practices. Our eBook, Building a Security Practice Within Your MSP, can help. In it, we outline ways you can begin to establish a secure culture, such as:

  • Practicing fundamentals, like proper cyberhygeine
  • Focusing on both physical security and a virtual safety-first mentality
  • Implementing employee policies that mitigate insider risk

Remember: Your customers are only as secure as you are. Check out the eBook today to help you lock down the fort.

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Are Your Passwords Putting Your Customers at Risk? Get the eBook, 4 Ways Passwords Can Increase Security Risks

These days, we are tasked with remembering a dizzying amount of passwords just to get through the day. To deal with this, many people sacrifice password strength to make them easier to remember.

However, easy-to-remember passwords are easy-to-crack passwords. If a cybercriminal gains access to credentials from your MSP business, the results could be catastrophic to your company.

Get our free eBook, 4 Ways Passwords Can Increase Security Risks, to discover:

    • Why passwords can fail in modern IT environments
    • Four ways passwords can subject you to frightening security risks
    • Tips for stronger passwords
    • Key reasons for using a password manager for your MSP team
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  Cybersecurity War Stories: Bad Guys and Good
  Guys both represent a risk to MSPs and their

Cyber criminals are not using traditional attack methods to invade your systems, so you can't use traditional cybersecurity defense to stop them. Not all your risk is from external sources… many MSPs and their clients are at risk internally.

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  Discover, Document, and Understand Your Clients



Join Auvik's Patrick Albert & Passportal's Colin Knox to learn the top 10 ways you can save time in your MSP through network monitoring and client management.

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  Security: Stop Preaching & Start Educating Your


Join Secure Now!'s Art Gross & Allison Kastel and Passportal's Colin Knox to learn how MSPs can differentiate their business by utilizing security training as a prospecting tool in order to increase engagement and generate revenue.

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  The Value of Documentation Integrated with
  Password Security and Automation 


Join Dan Wensley, President of Passportal, as he discusses the values and operational benefits for your MSP of leveraging a documentation management solution which is fully integrated with password security and automation. Dan will cover industry statistics, and various ways that over 1,500 other MSPs around the world are benefiting from this same solution. Special guest, Derrick Masters of Infogressive, will also be part of today's webinar touching base on how MSP security can easily be compromised.

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  Eradicating the Plague of Password Reset Tickets



As an MSP, passwords are inherently involved in everything you do. Let's face it, passwords aren't going anywhere for a while. By applying best practices for password management and better understanding how passwords and authentication can work together to strengthen your security posture you can more effectively protect your business and your clients business.

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  Transition Active Directory from Your MSPs     Largest Security Risk to Its Greatest Advantage


Change Active Directory (AD) from a time consuming security risk to an automated, secure system that delivers new services! 

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