Password Security & Documentation Management 

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A Quote from Passportal CEO



Colin Knox, Passportal Chief Executive Officer

As a former owner of a 22 person MSP, I know firsthand the challenges faced operating an IT Services business.  I founded and built Passportal to help IT Service Providers improve security, technician efficiency, and deliver new value to clients.  I encourage you to learn how our solutions can do this for your business the way they have for more than 1,000 other MSPs around the world.



How To: 

  • Securely store and encrypt client passwords
  • Manage technician access with security groups & permissions
  • Secure access with disabled user lock out
  • Eliminate password reset tickets
  • Standardize, store and manage IT documentation
  • Deliver password security as a service 
Industry Market Data & Research from:

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  • The cost and volume of password reset tickets
  • Industry statistics on technician turn over
  • SMB password security market statistics
  • Articles of recent technician security breaches
  • The risks and stats of former technician access
  • The ROI on password & documentation management
Examine How Passportal Can Help You:



Lower Costs

  • Provide mobile accessbility for improved access
  • Eliminate password reset tickets
  • Establish convenient ticket resolution processes with PSA integrations
  • Improve technician efficiency with Windows directory control
  • Co-Managed IT credential sharing

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Improve Security

  • Military grade security and encryption
  • Secure credential sharing
  • Protection from rogue technicians with access reporting
  • Security groups with granular access control
  • Password change automation
  • Multi-factor authentication

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Deliver New Services

  • Auditing and reporting
  • Password security as a service
  • Security data analytics
  • Standardization service delivery
  • Shorten ticket resolution time with documentation & passwords linked
  • Automated self-service password reset solutions


Engage in a Technical Demonstration of the Full OcularTM Platform 

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Partner Testimonials:


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"This is now included in all of our managed service packages! Passportal enables our customers to atually follow password rules for the entire organization and keep in sync with our records. No more panic because a password is needed and the person who knows it cannot be reached!"

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"Our MSP uses dozens of tools to service our clients and it is hard to find one with more impact per dollar spent than Passportal."


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