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N-able Passportal Blink Eliminate password reset tickets

Empower your end users to perform password resets themselves in less than 60 seconds with a convenient self-service mobile app

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Passportal Blink login on mobile

KEY FEATURESSelf-Service Password Reset for Lost or Forgotten Passwords

BENEFITSStop Wishing for Fewer Password Reset Tickets

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Fewer Password Reset RequestsIncrease MSP Tech Team Efficiency

Allows users to reset their own passwords, meaning your technicians can spend less time doing mundane password resets and more time on high value tasks—a win for efficiency and value.

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Reduce user downtimeHelp Customers Become More Efficient and Secure

Enable clients to experience higher productivity. Their employees can get back up and running typically in seconds after a password is forgotten or a user is locked out—and the new password can be delivered safely.

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Reduce user downtime
Drive Efficiency and Scalability for the MSP

IDENTITY VERIFICATION No More Guessing Who’s Requesting a Reset

Thwart social engineering attempts, like spoofed email requests or fraudulent phone calls, with biometric verification prior to initiating a password reset request.

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How Does it Work?Password Resets for Microsoft Active Directory, Windows

If locked out, users receive an immediate push notification. All they have to do is open the Blink app, authenticate themselves using face or touch ID, then click on the “Reset Password” button. This activates a 60-second countdown timer. After receiving a temporary password, the user must choose a new password when they log in.

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How Does it Work?

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RESOURCESBlink is an add-on feature to N-able® Passportal that helps drive MSP efficiency and profitability