Security is our #1 priority

Seriously Secure Data Storage

Our team can't decrypt or see your data.

It's one thing for a solution to say to trust them because they are "encrypting your data", it's a whole other level of security to state that there is no way our team can decrypt and see your data.

Your security is the #1 priority, so SolarWinds Passportal ensures the best protection in the industry. Our suite of security solutions have been designed from the ground up with your security in mind.

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The SolarWinds Passportal Cloud and Suite of products are audited and tested by Rapid7.  Our systems are also monitored by a team of experts in realtime 24/7/365 for both performance and activity.

Encrypt, Encrypt, and Encrypt Some More!

Data protection at rest and in transit

Each password stored with SolarWinds Passportal is AES-256 encrypted a minimum of 300 times using 6 different SHA-256 hash keys on a randomized basis for each round of encryption.  Two of the hash keys used are unique to each password record, and one of the hash keys is not generated by or stored within our system.

When a company registers an account with SolarWinds Passportal, they are required to choose an Organization Passphrase which stands as a remote encryption key that lives outside of SolarWinds Passportal.  This means that your password data is never stored at rest with or near all the keys required to decrypt it.

All inbound and outbound data communication traffic with the SolarWinds Passportal Cloud happens over TLS 1.2 using 2048-bit SHA256 SSL certificates to ensure the protection of your data in transit.



Secure Datacenters for Compliance

We rely on some really BIG friends!

SolarWinds Passportal services are hosted on Amazon Web Services which proudly boasts some of the highest security classifications and compliance certifications.  Our system has been architected with redundancy, resilience, and security at every point from gateways and web services to database clusters and automation servers.

Further, in the US SolarWinds Passportal is designed, architected  and resides in multiple AWS facilities that provides for both replication of secured data, ensuring maximum uptime and security should a failure in a single environment occur.