Bring Documentation into Focus for Your MSP

A fully integrated IT documentation platform to help your technical team work smarter.

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All the password management power of SolarWinds® Passportal with secure IT Documentation built right in!

Improve efficiency and customer experience with our IT documentation platform! Standardize your MSP documentation across all clients and work conveniently with linked passwords, documents, kb articles, assets, domains, ssl certificates, vendors and files. 

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Standardize Client Documentation

Shorten Client Incident Resolution

Maintain Consistent Service Delivery


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Connect the Dots

Mapped relationships between SOPs, Files, and Passwords.

When a client has a network issue, your team needs to act fast!  Having operating procedures, knowledge base articles, passwords, and installation or license files all stored in disparate systems doesn't really help technicians work quickly, in fact it encumbers them from getting to work on an actual solution.

Imagine how much quicker your technical team can respond to issues, provide resolution, or even onboard new users and clients if everything they needed to do the work was right at their fingertips and standardized in a single easy-to-use msp documentation software.







Unlock Trapped Client Knowledge

Does all your client intelligence walk out the door when a technician leaves? 

By simplifying the documentation process, providing a centralized location for it, and offering standards around what to document and how SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager breaks down the barriers to why technicians often procrastinate in putting pen to paper.

Now you will finally have a place for technicians to funnel all the client intelligence in to, and you will sleep easy knowing that regardless of technician turnover, your team will be able to maintain consistent service delivery for your entire client base.


And yes, there's even more to SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager

  • Unlimited Documentation
  • Web Domain Tracking
  • SSL Certificate Tracking
  • Audit History
  • Free Form Digital Article Editor
  • Relationship Mapping Between Items
  • Streamlined Client Incident Resolution
  • Per Document Access Control
  • Custom Flexible Templates
  • Standard Built-in Templates
  • Asset Management
  • Integrated Access with Password Management
  • Full Item Version Control
  • Convenient Drag & Drop Bulk File Upload
  • Interface Branding

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