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N-able Passportal Documentation Manager Bring documentation management into focus for your MSP

Help your technical team work smarter and faster with a fully integrated IT documentation management platform

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A fully integrated IT documentation platform to help your technical team work smarter

KEY FEATURESBuilt-In Documentation, Integrated with Password Management

BENEFITSMake Documentation Management Easier and More Efficient with Ready-to-Use Templates

Increase Security

Find things faster Manage Client Knowledge

Define your standard operating procedures, standardize your structured MSP documentation across all clients, and provide seamless access to the knowledge technicians need, when they need it.

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Make documents accessibleSimplify Knowledge Sharing

Empower the whole team to successfully solve issues with a centralized location for client information. With version control, any technician can quickly see previous configurations and how they have changed over time.

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Standardize Knowledge Sharing
Alleviate Support Load

Get rid of wasted timeAlleviate Support Load

Reduce time spent handling common requests, such as setting up email on a new smart phone or connecting to the IT system, with documents your technicians can easily access and send straight to your clients.

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Additional FeaturesMore than Just Another Documentation Manager


  • Standard built-in templates
  • Custom flexible templates
  • Convenient drag-and-drop bulk file upload
  • Unlimited documentation
  • Free-form digital article editor
  • Relationship mapping between items
  • Per-document access control
  • Asset management
  • Web domain tracking
  • SSL certificate tracking
  • Audit history
  • Full item version control
  • Interface branding

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Documentation Manager Additional Features

Integrated with the Tools You Already Use

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RESOURCESDocumentation Manager is an add-on feature to N-able Passportal and is only available to Passportal users