Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Tip #31: Provide Security Awareness Training

#CybersecurityTip: Did you know that cyber-attackers rely on human error and lack of attention to conduct sophisticated data exfiltration against targeted businesses, and more often then not, they succeed? Providing security awareness training for your MSP and your clients is imperative and it should not be overlooked. The good news is, you can add security awareness training as part of your service offering repertoire. Implementing employee training, security assessments and simulations, breach response services will improve your security standpoint in today's market, helping tremendously with all the new compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.


Training topics you can inform your clients about, but not limited to, are:

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Hey, did you also know Passportal can help educate your network through our Resource Library?

webinar-iconPassportal's Resource Library is chalk full of lots of great, free MSP-specific educational material and webinars with IT Channel leaders to teach you and your clients on the latest tips on how to run a better, more secure MSP business. [View our resources here]

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