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Cybersecurity Tip #26: User Remote Access Management

#CybersecurityTip: Remote Access Management can be monitored through two different angles; that of the employee and that of the IT provider (RMM). In today's transient workplace, having remote access to the network for both the employee and technician is absolutely vital to protecting and securing access to assets and devices. Below, we focus on remote access for the end user. Is your MSP monitoring these risks and establishing a secure remote access protocol?  


User Secure Remote Access:

Authorized users are able to access information and data on the network from locations out of the workplace.

  • BenefitsIncreased Flexibility and Productivity; Lower Business Overhead 
  • Risks: Data Leakage or Theft; Access to Unsecured WiFi Hotspots or Networks; Malware Exposure

Protocols to Secure User Remote Access:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)VPNs connect remote sites and users via the Internet through encryption and tunneling techniques; secure the network connection.

  • Network Access Control (NAC): Using an SSL Certified VPN through Network Access Control (NAC) limits access to the web portals of the SSL VPN service attributing to the connected device. Users who do not gain access through the NAC check will not be able to login. 

  • User Multi-factor Authentication: This provides an additional, secured authentication function via an alternate device to allow user entrance to associated login. 

  • Privileged Access Management: Use an access management tool to set user permissions for network access. Access management can be used as an important tool to audit and maintain connection logs. 

  • Implement Antivirus Scanning and Software Patch Maintenance: Keep devices up-to-date and resilient to malware threats.

  • Use Verified Product Vendors for Remote Work-Spaces: Ensure users are using secured product software from reputable certified vendors to access and share protected data. (Ie. Passportal's Ocular™+docs, Box, Google, Microsoft, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, etc). 

It is important to establish secure remote access for users to ensure extra security precautions are taken to protect their devices and data. Users will access their data anywhere at anytime. Ensure the safe transmission of company data with the aforementioned guideline. 

Did you know Passportal does just this? Learn more about our privileged access management product suite: Ocular™ + docs, Blink™, or Site™?


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