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Cybersecurity Tip #25: The Risks of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

#CybersecurityTip: The increasing number of mobile devices in the workplace brings extra challenges for the MSP. These unsecured devices brings a flurry of additional security risks. Not only do you need to secure your clients traditional workstations, you now to have to be aware of how personal devices are being used and risks involved with company data. Whether it is saving to desktops, emailing, or using the public cloud and wifi hotspots, is it wise to help your clients assess and address the following risks. See BYOD risks listed below. 

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The risks involved for BYOD include:

  • Data Control and Backup Limitations
  • Limited Security Controls and Restricted Data Encryption 
  • Exposed and Access to Insecure WiFi or Cloud 
  • Risk of Lost or Stolen Device and Loss of Sensitive Data

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Remedy these risks by:

  • Establishing a BYOD Policy
  • Set Acceptable Use of Applications, Assets and Software Programs
  • Implement Security Controls 
  • Implement Multi-factor Authentication
  • Establish SSL certificates for Authentication
  • Establish Company Rights for Data Control and Altering Data on the Device 

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