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Cybersecurity Tip #24: Monitoring BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

#CybersecurityTip: The prevalence of mobile devices in the workforce has now increased the number of employees who bring in their own devices (BYOD). MSPs have to be aware of BYOD, the risks involved, as well as, the opportunities it offers. Providing an additional service for monitoring and management of BYOD will help provide extra security of sensitive company data. BYOD management can be another service offering that can help evolve your MSP into a MSSP; from support contracts to hardware and cell phone contracts, and ultimately implementing business-specific devices. 

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Security is especially important for BYOD and implementing at BYOD-specific security policy will help set your SMBs up for success. Establish a BYOD Policy by:

  • Implementing a List of Approved Devices: Establish which devices are appropriate for business use since some operating systems are more vulnerable to threats.
  • Securing the Devices: Devices must have safeguards, strict password policies, malware protection, as well as, the ability to erase sensitive business data if lost or stolen.
  • Establishing Acceptable Use, Applications, and Assets: Set up a list of appropriate applications and use of data on the selected devices. 
  • Establishing User Permissions and Responsibilities: Make sure the users are utilizing the devices appropriately in accordance to their company role, and establish users to maintain device updates and patch management.

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