Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Tip #19: Patch Management

#CybersecurityTip: Outdated technology, especially an operating system (OS), are vulnerable to  cyber attacks and are commonly exploited. Without updates, browsers and other software are open to ransomware or exploit kits. Staying on top of OS updates can prevent costly cyber attacks, saving your clients money. For example in 2017, Windows 10 saw only 15% of total files deemed to be vulnerable to malware, while the older version Windows 7 saw 63% susceptibility. Patching and updating your software programs is crucial for MSP security. Keep updates up-to-date regularly. 


In a recent Webroot report, almost all the devices that fell victim to the 2017 WannaCry ransomware ran Windows 7, and this attack alone caused approximately $4 billion in losses to businesses. This demonstrates how important it is to develop a device and software inventory for your network and monitor updates.

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