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Cybersecurity Tip #17: Schedule Regular Backups and Test Them

#CybersecurityTip: Protecting against destructive cyber attacks, technology failure, user error, or even natural disasters, backing up your data and testing it regularly is key to successful backup maintenance. MSPs should offer backup solutions that are consistent and predictive, using a multi-layered approach. If a backup is not set up correctly, ransomware could have the ability to infiltrate network data, and ultimately, be uploaded to backup servers that destroy or compromises the data at hand. Subsequently, this puts your clients in an unfortunate position where in some cases, they may have to pay the ransomware in order to get their data back. Alternatively, your clients data could be lost or erased, rendering their business inoperable. These threat scenarios can be intrusive and costly, and it can be avoided.


Test frequently, regularly.
 It is best practice that organizations commit to a regular schedule of weekly or monthly system restorations. Applications and individual files should be checked to ensure data is accessible as intended through a tiered system. A three tier backup configuration is typically recommended as a safety precaution based on your MSP's requirements. Testing random data samples from each of the backup types will ensure they restore successfully, without error. 

When an MSP gets hacked or goes down:

Disrupts all systems and networks, resulting in: 

  • Lost sales and revenue
  • Interferes with productivity 
  • Data and records are irretrievable 
  • Trust and reputation is damaged 
  • Renders business unable to operate

Utilizing a comprehensive, complex backup strategy will ensure that your system network is protected to a trusted, secure version. 

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