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Password Change Automation

Removing stress from technician turnover.

We understand that technician turnover is a real problem, some regions face as high as 40% turnover in IT!  When a technician leaves - or gets told to leave - you need to change passwords, FAST.

Passportal Ocular™ helps expedite the procedure by changing Windows Directory passwords across your entire client base within seconds.

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Multi-Site Management

2-Way Synchronization

Updates Dependencies

Passportal's Windows Directory Services Control Agent manages all your client network domains from a single console performing changes within seconds and updating any dependent services or tasks.

How it works


Simply disabling a user account in your Ocular™ portal will immediately take you to an interactive screen notifying you of the passwords that user has seen since the last change.  With a quick drop-down menu, you can easily select passwords to be changed if they are configured for Windows Directory Sync and a new unique password will be generated for each credential.

Alternatively, simply editing a password configured for Windows Directy Sync will also mark the account for change by the Passportal Agent.

Clicking submit puts the plan into action.






Once all the work is completed on your client network, the agent then sends a report back to the Passportal Cloud advising the results of each assigned task to create pertinent logs and apply alert flags where may be required.

Taking a process which can take up to 15 minutes per password when performed manually, to mere seconds with Passportal.



The Windows Directory Service Control Agent will perform a secure check-in with the Passportal Cloud to see if it has any work to do.  (This occurs every 60 seconds as an outbound TLS connection)

If the agent receives no tasks, it will close the connection and try again in 60 seconds.  If however, it has tasks waiting, the agent will acknowledge the list and begin performing the required password changes in sequence.  Once a password has been changed, the agent will immediately perform a local network discovery across all workstations and servers to automatically update the "logon as" configurations for any Windows Services or Scheduled Tasks which are dependent on the account which was just changed. 




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Auto-Capture from  Microsoft_Active_Directory_crop.png

Passportal understands the inconvenience of documenting things after actions have been taken.  To assist with this, our Windows Directory Services 2-way Synchronization will automatically capture username and password details of new accounts created in Active Directory and save them to the appropriate Client container in Ocular™ in real time. 

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