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Why These 3 Events are Important for Passportal

By Karla Poznikoff

1) SaaStr Annual 2019

PC Medium SaaStr Annual 2018

Two key members of Passportal's executive team: Mike Urquhart, COO, and Ryan Barker, Vice President of Partner Success, will be representing Passportal at the SaaStr Annual 2019 in San Jose, February 5-7, 2019

The SaaStr Annual 2019 is one of the largest gatherings for B2B SaaS software held one a year in the San Francisco Bay Area. Approximately 12,500+ SaaS executives, founders, and VCs will come together for the 3 day event to partake in over 200+ sessions on how to scale their businesses, 300+ sessions from the most successful speakers in SaaS, and attend numerous networking events and mentoring sessions. 

Why is SaaStr important for Passportal? As we grow, our main focus is to provide a superior product for our MSP partners at all times! Being part of the SaaS community is important to us and we like to seize all the opportunities to network and learn from best-in-class leaders. 

> Learn more about the SaaStr Annual 2019 here

2) Datto Roadshows 

WIN_20180725_09_22_35_ProPC Passportal at the Datto Roadshow Rosemont

Similar to last year, Passportal will be attending numerous Datto Roadshows across North America all year round. The next two that are coming up include:

Why does Passportal keep attending the Datto Roadshows? Our passion is to educate MSPs on how they can effectively manage sensitive client data and prevent the risk of a security breach that exist both internally and externally.

With a solid foundation of understanding the internal workings of an MSP business, Passportal advocates that using a secure password and documentation management solution is the way to mark the end of sticky note security™ - forever. Technicians are empowered with secure and rapid access to the privileged information and knowledge they need to effectively support clients.

> Learn more about the Datto Roadshows 


2) The ASCII Group IT Success Summits 

httpswww.channelpartnersonline.comgalleryimage-gallery-ascii-it-smb-success-summitPC Channel Partners ASCII Success Summit

Guess what MSPs... Passportal will be attending all of the ASCII IT Success Summits this year. Our upcoming events include:


Why is Passportal attending the ASCII events? Passportal has received numerous ASCII Group awards and we cannot wait to expand our horizons yet again to educate MSPs with best-in-class knowledge on password management, documentation, and cybersecurity.

> Use our VIP Code: PASSPORTAL when registering for all ASCII events. This will help us track our Passportal crew out of all attendees! See an example below: 
VIP CodeASCII Transparent logo                   



Written by:


Karla Poznikoff
Digital Marketing Manager

Curious about Passportal life? Check out our revamped Instagram @Passportalmsp and meet the team. Read daily updates by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn@Passportal.

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