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Feature Friday: Wendy Lerch, Accounting

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, Passportal is proud to feature Wendy Lerch, Accounting. Learn how this finance guru has been an integral part of Passportal's humble beginnings.


Wendy Lerch, Accounting

Wendy Lerch is an accomplished accounting and finance professional with over a decade in bookkeeping experience. Wendy enjoys working alongside Passportal’s COO, Mike Urquhart, preparing financial statements and balancing the books, as it is her specialty. As head of the Passportal accounting department, Wendy’s day-to-day operations remain focused on ensuring each and every detail is accounted for. Wendy has remained in IT accounting for the past several years having worked with Passportal’s CEO, Colin Knox, previously. Wendy has also expanded her role here at Passportal and assists with other projects relating to HR and SOC 2 compliance. 

Fun fact about Wendy; she prefers to organize other people’s paperwork rather than her own! On her spare time, Wendy likes to go to NHL hockey games or attend glass bead making classes from local artists and teachers. Wendy enjoys singing and spending quality time with her husband and son.


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