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How to Build Password Policies for Your Customers

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  Building your customer password policy can be tricky because it needs to balance security and convenience. Too much convenience, and you lose security. Too strict, and no one will use it.  

As a managed service provider (MSP), how do you create password policies that work for everyone? First, let’s look at some key elements that go into creating a comprehensive policy.

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Why Every MSP Needs a Password Manager

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  Managed services providers (MSPs) hold access credentials for hundreds of thousands of customer systems. These credentials are “keys to the kingdom” and provide access at various levels to networks, devices, applications, and even data.

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The MSP Summer Treat Wave is Back for Another Summer of Sweet Scoops

[EVENTS | 3 MIN READ]  Get involved and join the MSP Summer Treat Wave!

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Recent Attacks on MSPs: What You Need to Know

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  Cybercriminals have increasingly learned the value of attacking MSPs. If they compromise one MSP, they can potentially unlock a gold mine of data or ransom payments from the MSP’s customer bases. Beyond that, many MSPs are small businesses with busy teams who often can’t be as vigilant about security as large organizations with dedicated security teams. 

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Passportal is Coming to an Event Near You

[EVENTS | 3 MIN READ]  As we enter the 2019 event season, and we wanted to fill you in on the events - and counting - Passportal will be attending this year. Check them out below!

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How Are You Securing Your Login?

[EVENTS | 4 MIN READ]  Today marks World Password Day and we pose a simple question; how are you securing your login? As an MSP, it is crucial to assess the way you are managing your MSP's and your client's credentials and privileged information. MSP security is client security. With that said, are you comfortable telling your clients how you store and manage access to their network systems? Continue reading to learn 4 quick tips on how to enforce security within your own MSP.

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Top 8 Highlights for Passportal in 2019

[EVENTS | 3 MIN READ]  This year has been a whirlwind for us at Passportal and as a quick Q1 update, we wanted to sum up our top 8 achievements and feature releases in 2019 so far. Get up to speed on our latest advancements and innovations, continue reading below.

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Passportal Integration Center

[FEATURE RELEASE | 2 MIN READ]  Passportal is deeply integrated to connect and sync data across the tools your team already uses to ensure seamless access. Streamline your service delivery workflow to increase productivity and profitability. See our integrations below.

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Passportal's Top 5 Webinars + BONUS Recording

[PASSPORTAL INSIGHTS | 4 MIN READ]  Within the past year, Passportal did a number of webinars with several IT Channel leaders such as Infogressive Inc., Netsurion EventTrackerAuvik Networks, Secure Now! AND we released a number of educational episodes on Passportal tools and best practices. See our top 5 listed below with a BONUS recording (#6) of Passportal's CEO, Colin Knox in an exclusive MSP interview. Have you watched them all?

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4 Passportal Features You Need to Start Using

[FEATURE RELEASE | 2 MIN READ]  Passportal recently released 4 big, new features for our partners in the Ocular™ + docs platform, and we want to make sure you are using them! Click the links below view our feature recaps and gain further instruction on how to best utilize these through our knowledge base. Start streamlining your workflow today with the help of our new innovations. 

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