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Top Keynotes at IT Nation 2018 You Don't Want to Miss

By Karla Poznikoff

This year, IT Nation categorized the abundance of keynote speeches and breakout sessions into five themes: Mergers & Acquisitions, Security, Scalability & Growth, Sales & Marketing, Attracting & Retaining Talent. Check out our top selections below: 

Picture ConnectWise

Top Keynote Speeches:

1) Thursday Headliner Keynotes

'Arnie Bellini is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ConnectWise Inc. He serves as the chief visionary behind the company's long-standing success in the information technology industry.' Read his full bio here.  

'Tim Berners-Lee now holds the 3Com Founders chair at the Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He directs the World Wide Web Consortium, an open forum of companies and organizations with the mission to lead the Web to its full potential.' Read his full bio here

  • Moderator: Joe Panettieri - Content Czar, ChannelE2E and MSSP Alert
  • Arnie Bellini - CEO, ConnectWise
  • Amy Kardel - General Counsel & Growth Advisor / Co-Founder Clever Ducks / Chair CompTIA Board of Directors
  • + Other Speakers

This Torch Talk panel discussion makes it's first debut this ITN18 and will be moderated by industry veteran Joe Panettieri. IT heavyweights aim to engage and inspire MSP owners and vendors to look ahead and prepare for 2019. Continue reading here.

3 Breakout Sessions that Help Wrap-Up October's Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM):

1) Thursday, Nov. 8 | 1:00pm So You're Not an MSSP, How Can You Still Win with Security? [Round 1 | Bayhill 23-24]

  • Karl Bickmore, Chief Executive Officer, Snap Tech IT 

'Discuss practical tweaks to your offering and service delivery practices that you can do without committing to becoming a full MSSP with a staffed SOC.' Continue reading here. 

>> See our cybersecurity tip on extra service offerings.

2) Friday, Nov. 9 | 3:40pm Breach Ahead: Best Practices for Cyber Incident Response [Round 6 | Bayhill 19-20]

  • Eric Foster, CISO, Fishtech

>> See our cybersecurity tip on common threats. 

3) Friday, Nov. 9 | 5:00pm National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence: Practical Guidance for Cybersecurity [Round 7 | Bayhill 19-20]

  • Harry Perper, Cybersecurity Engineer, National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at NIST

'In this presentation, Harry Perper, Chief Engineer at The MITRE Corporation and Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at NIST, will provide insight into practical guidance for cybersecurity strategy.' Continue reading here.

>> See our cybersecurity tip on keeping security on your agenda.


Passportal will be at booth #713 in the Solutions Pavilion at ITN18. Drop by our booth and leave a business card to be entered to win our infamous Batman Cowl replica!



Written by:


Karla Poznikoff
Digital Marketing Manager

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