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The #1 Topic Discussed at ChannelCon 2018 was... (and no, it wasn't us)

By Karla Poznikoff

photo credit @eChannelNews

The hot-topic that everyone talked about at ChannelCon18 was... yes that's right, SECURITY.

Colin Knox and Dan Wensley, accompanied by Desraie Thomas and Max Eidsvik, Partner Development Managers, all witnessed this common trend after engaging in this massive four-day conference.

As President, Dan Wensley, comments, "security services remains a primary topic of conversation and focus for the IT Channel. What was new this year was many have embarked on new security services and have some real success stories to share."

The team recognized that there is a new profound awareness for ITSPs to enhance their businesses and client experiences. further testament to the security oriented focus of the community and industry, IoTSSA (whom Passportal is a sponsor of), won CompTIA's 'Best New Start Up 2018' award, showing how security services are becoming prevalent. 

Congrats IoTSSA! We look forward to seeing you in Denver, Colorado next week at the IoTSSA Cyber Security Roadshow on August 14th. 

Furthermore, the integration and partnerships in the vendor community are adding value and new automation for ITSPs. The way in which tools now work together are creating new automation and efficiencies that deliver, 1+1 = 3 or 4, great news for the Channel and their clients. 

Check out Passportal's highlights of ChannelCon18:


Colin Knox and Dan Wensley are pictured above with CompTIA's CEO, Todd Thibodeaux, and Victor Johnston, who won ChannelCon's 'Member of the Year 2018' award. Dan also ran into Raffi Jamgotchianm, founder and CEO of ITSP, Triada Networks.

Desraie Thomas with met up with Jacqui Murphy, Auvik's Vice President of Marketing, and attended the Advancing Women In Technology (AWIT) Meeting. Passportal congratulates Sarah Johnson who received the Comptia 'Channel Pro Scholarship Award'. Sarah is a shining example of female leadership and excellence in the Channel. #WomenInTech

Max Eidsvik and Desraie both hosted the Passportal Booth #106 at the Vendor Fair, and everyone celebrated the conference in techie-style at the National Air and Space Museum. The evening was filled with a variety of food, music, entertainment, and even simulation rides.


Written by:


Karla Poznikoff
Digital Marketing Manager

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