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Feature Release

SolarWinds Passportal New Feature Release: Workflow Automation Fundamentals

By SolarWinds MSP

As your MSP scales, line of business applications and their licenses can become tedious tasks as you work to keep track of all managed assets, devices, and systems. Additionally, monitoring and executing periodic maintenance tasks such as updates, renewals, extensions, and back-ups can result in an inefficient use of your technician’s time.  Moreover, manually sending out reminders for every deadline can become an ongoing responsibility that pulls you away from more important work. 

If you take a step back to analyze your MSP activity, you will inevitably discover predictable tasks that can be transformed into automated workflows. 

We are delighted to announce that a new workflow automation feature based on triggers, filters, and actions is now available for SolarWinds® Passportal partners. 

Workflows are routine, predictable processes you can predefine and map in a logical order. This feature gives Passportal users the ability to create customizable workflows. These workflows make sure certain actions happen when certain events trigger them or when specific thresholds exceed a predetermined amount. The actions include the creation of a PSA ticket, a channel notification, or the sending of an email.

Here are some ways you can take advantage of these new capabilities, so you and your team can quickly experience the benefits of Passportal’s workflow automation feature: 

Save time and keep work on track with recurring reminders 

Create workflows to help your team keep track of important dates that affect your customers ability to smoothly conduct business. In just a matter of minutes, you can set notifications for upcoming expirations of domains, SSL certificates, licenses, and assets to quickly and efficiently renew them on time. 

Track logins for business continuity 

Users’ logins provide useful insights into the organization’s activity—from ascertaining the total number of users who have access to the Active Directory network at a given moment to determining peak login times for all users. 

Apart from the usage reports ability to check who has access to a certain system or who has logged into which system and when, Passportal now provides the ability to set triggers on users’ logins. For example, you can set triggers for logins within specified time period, number of failed login attempts, and user logouts or logins from outside of the trusted IP addresses. 

Monitor password expiration or rotation 

With the new feature, you can now set password expiration or rotation alerts. It also performs an auto-discovery on the local Windows network for places the password is used and updates them.  

Keep track of what has changed with documentation 

Documentation Manager now allows you to set and send notifications any time an article is added, edited, rolled back to a previous version, expired, viewed, published, or disabled. It also enables notifications when articles are moved, or templates are added, updated, or disabled. This helps you stay in control in real time as the changes are made to the documentation. 

Once you’ve created a workflow, you can set the following types of actions/notifications. You can select one type of action per workflow—which enables you to work with optimum efficiency.  

  • Create a ticket
    The system lets you create a ticket using the integration with your PSA platform of choice. 
  • Send a notification on Slack or Teams
    You can configure this action via a webhook and is posted on the company’s workspace of choice. 
  • Send an email
    If you prefer and select this option, Passportal sends an email to defined recipients once the trigger conditions are met.  

To find out how to add the automated workflow functionality, please go to:

We hope this helps you keep you and your clients up and running in a fast and efficient manner. 

In case you don’t use SolarWinds Passportal yet, ask for a Demo


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