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See Even More at a Glance with Our New Dashboards

[FEATURE RELEASE | 2 MIN READ]  Your customers expect you to keep their systems up and running. Yet with so much under management, it can be hard for you to keep everything straight. Mistakes can happen—like unintentionally letting a critical IT asset’s license lapse. This can lead to downtime and, ultimately, frustration for your customer.

To help prevent this, our new overview dashboards give you a single place to track important information. You can view expiring items or credentials across your entire customer base with our Global Overview Dashboard or drill down into individual accounts with the Client Overview Dashboard.

On each dashboard, you’ll see important information about the customer, including the number of expired assets, domains, and SSL certificates, as well as the strength and age of user credentials. You can also leave important notifications on customer accounts for other technicians (see image above).

Please note you must have both SolarWinds® Passportal and Documentation Manager to get the latest functionality. Learn more about the new feature by reading the documentation here.

SolarWinds® adds Passportal suite to its MSP product portfolio. MSP security, simplified. SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager is a SOC 2 certified, RAPID 7 tested, award winning platform.

 Audited Tested Awarded-01

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