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Cybersecurity Tip #3: Safeguard Client Data

By SolarWinds Passportal

#CyberSecurityTip: Make sure you are using every means possible to preserve customer data security. Managed services providers (MSPs) have access to huge amounts of customer data, ranging from customer identification to passwords, and it is critical they employ the best practices available for protecting that data.

As an MSP, your employees likely have a wealth of knowledge regarding data security—but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to undergo proper security testing and training. This helps ensure your own MSP staff are educated on security risks to reduce the danger of threats to your customers’ data.

Why should MSPs secure customer data?

Everyone who uses the internet has a digital footprint: a digital record of all their actions and communications online. This digital footprint can be used by hackers to learn about a person’s patterns and behaviors in order to more successfully attack them or their business. The larger a person’s or company’s footprint, the more information a hacker can gain in order to better structure their attack.

When you secure your data, you can reduce your digital footprint and, in turn, reduce your vulnerability to attack. For an MSP, securing customer data means reducing that customers’ digital footprints as well as their own—thus reducing their exposure to attack.

How to keep your data safe and secure

MSPs are not the only entity that needs to work to protect their customers’ data online. A good model for MSPs to turn to when thinking about how to keep their data secure is the one displayed by banks, who use multiple layers of protection in order to ensure the safety of their customer data and transactions. While it is impossible to ensure MSPs are keeping their customers’ data 100% safe, utilizing multiple layers of protection is a good model to maximize protection and reduce their digital footprints.

One of the most important components of safeguarding customers’ data is building a culture of security within your MSP. For optimal customer data security, there needs to be a radical shift within MSPs in terms of how they think about themselves and their own role in protecting data. MSP best practice revolves around education as well as utilizing security software.

To help protect data, MSPs need to try to eliminate the human risk element. As discussed in our last tip, social engineers prey on human psychology to attack systems. For that reason, it’s important that you keep your customers, as well as your own employees, informed about the latest security threats. MSPs should also manage passwords from a secure, centralized location. This allows for increased strength in what is otherwise the weakest spot of cybersecurity.

If you employ these practices, your MSP can reduce its digital footprint and both you and your customers will be less vulnerable to attack.


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