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Feature Friday: Robert Statham, UI Software Developer

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, Passportal is proud to highlight Robert Statham, UI Software Developer! Rob has been working at Passportal since November 2017 and is one of the core members of Passportal's Development team. Rob is directly involved with many of Passportal's innovations, but there is one in particular that he has made major contributions on. Continue reading to find out which one.


Robert Statham, UI Software Developer

The value that drives Rob daily is problem solving in his work at Passportal. Rob advocates, "Figuring out a problem has a much higher reward than being given the answer", he implements this mentality when working with the team to advance our software.

When asked what he is most passionate about professionally and personally, Rob responded, “I like anticipating trends in the tech industry to see what skills are going to be of value for my professional growth. From there I seek out the appropriate education and advance my skill sets in my personal time. Personally, I take pride in learning and improving at my hobbies, currently I maintain too many hobbies which means my progress can be slow at times.” 

At Passportal, we foster an open culture that allows employees to move toward their own personal goals and help advance their skills sets. Rob is no exception, since joining Passportal, he has jumped outside of his comfort zone and took initiative to extensively advance his programming language. Passportal's mobile app is one of Rob's major projects and has contributed many hours in developing the final product alongside other Dev team members. The day it fully launches (which is very soon!) will be one of Rob's biggest accomplishments.

Fun fact about Rob: Rob enjoys keeping active by playing organized sports, skiing, and golfing. He plays a miniature war game called Warmachine which sucks both time and money but is something he enjoys. He is an avid baker, last Passportal Potluck Rob baked a killer cheesecake for the team!


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